Personalised Custom Any Wording Kitchen Pantry Bedroom Bathroom 3cm Tall Labels Stickers

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Custom Personalised Labels Stickers

1 Label = One Sticker i.e Coffee

Please add the personalisation wording into the customisation box.

Each word is approx. 3cm tall and the length will depend on the word.

Some labels may be smaller than others depending on the number of characters in the word. (i.e the word Treats would be a smaller label than the word Chocolate.

Depending on the length words may be spread over multiple lines.

Clean the surface that the label is to be applied to with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Peel off the back white/blue sheet carefully. You will be left with carrier sheet (clear) and the label. Carefully align the label to the surface and press down. Ensure you place it correctly as you will not be able to remove and reposition. Rub over gentlyto make sure it has adhered.

Labels are made from permanent vinyl and are WATER-RESISTANT. We do not recommend use in a dishwasher. Items should be hand washed and dried by gently dabbing with a towel or leaving to air dry. Labels will NOT adhere to textured surfaces. If you are not sure your surface is suitable, please contact us and we can help you.

Stickers of any size can be made to order, please contact us for a quote.