How to start selling on eBay, Etsy, Amazon & Shopify?

Whether you're looking to launch a business or earn some additional income as a part-time seller, eBay and Etsy offer some of the easiest ways for anyone to start making an income online.

To begin selling our products on eBay and Etsy, you must first create a retailer account. Once you've done that, you can explore our catalog and start creating listings on eBay and Etsy.

Choose ready-to-sell products or create your own designs with Print On Demand

Our existing catalog features over three thousand ready-to-sell designs, providing you with a plethora of options to kickstart your dropshipping business today. If you're inclined to distinguish yourself and offer something truly unique, consider selling your own personalised Print On Demand (POD) designs. Opt for our comprehensive white-label Print On Demand service, which not only stands out for its affordability but also guarantees faster delivery compared to industry giants like VistaPrint, Printify, and other POD platforms.

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When you make a sale

Congratulations if you've just made your first sale! Simply use our Submit Order Infortmation form to send us the order details, and we'll take care of shipping the order directly to your customer. We ship all of your orders white-labelled (with or without your branding), and without any prices shown to your customers, all completely hassle-free!

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Getting Started on eBay

Start by creating an eBay account if you haven't already. It's worth noting that you can start selling on eBay as a private seller, and a business account is not mandatory.

Whilst eBay does offer the option to open an eBay shop for an additional monthly fee, it's important to know that it is entirely optional and does not provide any additional visibility on the marketplace, though it does give you access to some additional promotional tools.

Once you've opened your account, you can explore our catalog and start creating listings on eBay.

Understanding the Costs of Selling on eBay

For private sellers, listing on eBay is completely free. You will have an allocation of 1000 free listings per month (or more if you have an eBay Shop). After exceeding this monthly allocation, each new listing created incurs a charge of 35p per listing.

When it comes to fees, eBay simplifies the process. The final value fee consists of 12.8% of the total sale amount, which encompasses the item price, postage, taxes, and any other applicable fees. Additionally, there is a fixed charge of 30p per order.

As a private seller on eBay, there are no monthly fees associated with selling, unless you opt to subscribe and open an eBay shop.

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Getting Started on Etsy

Start by creating an Etsy account if you haven't already. You will be granted a free Etsy shop, which you can personalise with your own name, logo, and shop categories, along with a customised link that you can promote on social media platforms.

Once you've opened your account, you can explore our catalog and start creating listings on Etsy.

Understanding the Costs of Selling on Etsy

Each listing you create on Etsy is priced at £0.16p and remains active for four months or until the item is sold. When an item sells, you will be charged a renewal fee (£0.16p) for that particular listing.

Upon selling an item on Etsy, you are subject to a 6.5% transaction fee along with a £0.20p payment processing fee.

Selling on Etsy incurs no monthly fees, unless you choose to subscribe to Etsy Plus, which offers additional tools to help fuel your business growth.

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Getting Started on Amazon

Selling on Amazon entails a unique approach compared to other marketplaces. While it involves certain challenges, the potential rewards are immense, considering Amazon's status as the largest and most successful marketplace in the world. Sellers are willing to navigate the required vetting and documentation processes to seize the opportunities Amazon offers.

It's important to note that Amazon primarily caters to business sellers, placing emphasis on legal business registrations such as sole trader or limited company status. If you aspire to sell on the Amazon marketplace, having a registered business, as a sole trader or a limited company is essential.

Understanding the Costs of Selling on Amazon

You can list your products on Amazon for free. However, a monthly subscription fee of £25 + VAT per month is required to maintain your Professional selling status.

Amazon collects a referral fee on each sale, which is a percentage of the total transaction and varies based on the product category. For the types of products that you will find in our catalog, the referral fee generally averages around 16.9%.

Selling on Amazon can be complex, particularly for new sellers. It's crucial to familiarise yourself with the intricacies of the platform.

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Getting Started with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Our Amazon FBA Enrolment Program (FBAE) is the easiest way for anyone to start making an income online. By enrolling in our FBAE program today, you will save money, save time, and guarantee your ROI (return on investment).

Whatever it is your doing now, this is better.

Our FBA Enrolment program opens the doors to better sales. On average, our FBA retailers witness a significant 20–25% boost in their online sales compared to traditional methods of selling such as seller-fulfilled or dropshipping through online marketplaces.

Options for FBA Enrolment

We offer two distinct options for FBA Enrolment:

1. Active FBA Enrolment

Opt for Active FBA Enrolment if you prefer maintaining an active Amazon seller account under your own business name. With this option, you'll utilize our convenient FBA Wizard to create FBA Shipments that we'll prepare and ship to Amazon for you.

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2. Passive FBA Enrolment

Opt for Passive FBA Enrolment to eliminate the need for operating and managing your own Amazon seller account. We take care of the entire selling process. There are no costs to you, and we provide a guaranteed fixed payout for every unit of product sold.

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Get Started with Shopify

Shopify is an excellent platform to consider. With Shopify, you can connect directly to our catalog in realtime, populating your store with thousands of our products with minimal effort.

Cost of Selling on Shopify

For just $29 USD (£19 GBP) per month you open a Shopify store. This makes Shopify an incredibly affordable option for selling our products online, however you will need to advertise your store with Google Shopping or social media platforms in order to drive meaniful amounts of traffic to generate sales.

In terms of transaction fees, you'll only pay a nominal 2% when using Shopify Payments. This makes Shopify the most cost-effective way to start an online dropshipping business.

Where to get help and support?

We're fully committed to providing you with any assistance that you need. Our Retailer App provides countless tools and our Help & Support section provides valuable information for both new and seasonsed sellers alike. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you require any assistance or have any questions.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional support to our retailers, so you can rely on us to provide prompt and helpful guidance whenever you need it.

Want to transform your grasp of dropshipping and consistently generate significant monthly profits?

If you're nodding in agreement, put your trust in our 15+ years of unrivaled knowledge and expertise. Enrol in our Dropship Launch Accelerator today, and let us propel you to your first £1000 per month. Beyond that milestone, we'll equip you with the resources and support needed to guide you towards achieving your dropshipping goals.

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