Enrol Your Best Selling Products into FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)

Our Amazon FBA Enrolment Program significantly reduces the cost of fulfilling your customer orders and offers our retailers lower shipping costs, better visibility on the Amazon marketplace, and FREE One-day Shipping for Amazon Prime members. Enroling in the program is easy. We've written a full step-by-step guide to help you create your first shipment. With these quick and simple steps, our Amazon FBA Enrolment Program can help you eliminate fulfilment headaches and scale your business quickly.

On average, our retailers see a 20–25% increase in sales after enrolling their best selling lines into our Amazon FBA Enrolment Program.

The following products can be enrolled into our Amazon FBA Enrolment Program:

  • All Products listed as S&L (Small & Light), which are less than (or equal to £9.00 MSRP incl. Ship Fee)
  • All Products listed as FBAE (Fulfilment by Amazon Enrolment)

TIP! See the official price-list for products that can be enrolled into our Amazon FBA Enrolment Program. FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is available exclusively for our Amazon Retailers on selected lines only.

How does it work?

  1. Enrol your best-selling products into FBA Small and Light.
  2. Create your first shipment by following our step-by-step guide.
  3. We barcode and label your products according to strict FBA requirements and send your shipment to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre.
  4. Amazon will receive your shipment within 1 Business Day. Once received, your products will be made available to millions of Prime Eligible customers with free, one-day shipping included.
  5. Top-up your inventory using Amazon's Restock Inventory workflow and submit new shipments using our FBA Wizard.

Benefits to using FBA?

  • With reduced fulfilment costs you can improve your margins or pass the savings along to your customers.
  • No minimum purchase or add-on requirements for your customers, to help increase sales.
  • Make your products eligible for Prime, which can make your offers stand out to loyal and active Prime customers.
  • With Amazon’s trusted fulfilment and customer services, you don't need to worry about handling any orders, customer enquiries, returns or any non-receipt negative feedback, ever again.

How to get started?

1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account and then navigate to https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/next/snl

You can also access this page via Amazon Seller Central

  • "Inventory" -> "Manage FBA Inventory" -> "FBA Opportunities"

TIP! On the FBA Opportunities page, make sure you click on the tab "Enrol in Small and Light". Products listed under the default "Enrol in FBA" tab are not eligible for this program.

2. Select the products you wish to enrol into Small & Light. We recommend using the filters to show only "Demand" products, though you are free to enrol any products which are eligible for this program. If you're just getting started with our FBA Enrolment Program, we recommend enroling demand products only. These are your best selling products and are already recommended by Amazon for this program.

TIP! DO NOT select any "Personalised" or "Custom" products since these require some kind of personalisation at the time of purchase and cannot be enroled into our FBA Enrolment Program.

Enroling Multiple Products at once

3. Once you've selected the products you wish to enrol (in step-2 above), Click Enrol Multiple button.

4. On the next screen, Click Convert & Send Inventory button.

SUPER IMPORTANT! When converting your inventory to FBA you must ensure to set the Barcode preferece to use "Amazon Barcode" (not manufacturer barcode). You can set this as the default setting within your Fulfilment by Amazon Settings at "Settings" -> "Fulfilment by Amazon" and changing the default setting under "FBA Product Barcode Preference" to "Amazon Barcode".

TIP! Once you convert these products to FBA Small and Light they will no longer be available for sale on the Amazon Marketplace until your inventory is shipped to the Amazon fulfilment centre. It is therefore recommended that you expedite the remaining processes below to ensure that there is minimal downtime for your products.

Don't have any recommendations yet?

If you don't have any recommendations yet, don't worry you can still enrol your best selling products into our program. If you've been selling on Amazon for some time already, simply go to "Reports" -> "Business Reports" and use the data shown to obtain a list of your best selling Amazon products. If you don't have any products listed on Amazon at all, you'll need to create some offers first. If you're just getting started with Amazon for the first time, we recommend creating offers against our existing best-selling products.

TIP! You can find links to our best selling products on Amazon through "My Account" under the "Amazon FBA Enrolment Program" sidebar card.

TIP! If you don't know how to create offers on Amazon see our guide on How to Sell on Amazon.

Once you have created these offers you can manually enrol your products into FBA using the "Quick Enroll" tool available here:

You can also access this page via Amazon Seller Central

  • "Growth" -> "Fulfilment Programs" -> "Small and Light"

Manually Converting Enrolled SKU's to FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Once you've successfully enrolled your products using Quick Enroll you'll need to "Convert" each SKU that you've just enrolled to "Fulfilled by Amazon".

TIP! This step is only necessary if you did not have any recommendations and was not able to use the Enrol Multiple -> Convert & Send Inventory workflow shown above.

SUPER IMPORTANT! When converting your inventory to FBA you must ensure to set the Barcode preferece to use "Amazon Barcode" (not manufacturer barcode). You can set this as the default setting within your Fulfilment by Amazon Settings at "Settings" -> "Fulfilment by Amazon" and changing the default setting under "FBA Product Barcode Preference" to "Amazon Barcode".

To manually convert your enrolled SKU's to FBA do the following:

  • Go to "Inventory" -> "Manage Inventory".
  • Search for each SKU that you have successfully enrolled in the previous step.
  • Click the "Checkbox" to select it.
  • Repeat the process until all SKU's have been selected.
  • Click "Action on X selected" -> "Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon"

Your converted SKU's should now be visible under "Inventory" -> "Manage FBA Inventory.

If so, next Click "Inventory" -> "Manage FBA Shipments" and then Click on the "Send to Amazon (top left)" link to begin the workflow from Step 1 below.

Step 1 - Confirmed inventory to send

When creating your shipment please always use the following Ship from address:

Company Name: JCM® GRAPHICS

24 Plasnewydd Walk, Heritage Gate
Llantwit Major
Vale of Glamorgan
CF61 2YW

TIP! We are currently only sending inventory to Amazon Fulfilment Centres based in the United Kingdom.

5. On the next screen, you'll need to apply the following settings for each product you have chosen to enrol. Apply the following settings:

  • Packing Details -> Individual units
  • Prep and labelling details -> Prep category -> No prep needed
  • (After clicking Save) Who labels units? -> By seller

TIP! You only need to do this once for each product. Amazon will always remember your settings automatically for all future shipments containing these same products.

TIP! You may see an error "Data is missing from ASIN weight/package size .etc". If you see this error, click on the link to update the package dimensions for this product. We have provided the packaging weights and dimensions for all eligible FBA products. See our official price-list to find this information.

TIP: After entering the package size and weight you may also see an error which states "One or more required types of prep for this item are missing". Simply click on the link which says "please save your updated packing template" and the process for this product will be saved for all future shipments of this product.

FBAE (Fulfilment by Amazon Enrolment) Package Dimensions & Estimated Fulfilment Costs

  • Packet (0.02kg) | 12 x 16 x 1cm | Amazon FBA Next-day from £0.62p
  • Letter (0.02-0.1kg) | 12 x 23 x 1cm | Amazon FBA Next-day from £0.82p
  • Large Letter (0.1-0.2kg | 23 x 33 x 1cm | Amazon FBA Next-day from 0.96p

As you can see our Fulfilment by Amazon Enrolment Program (FBAE) provides a considerable cost saving per order and provides free, fast one-day shipping for your customers.

Deciding what Quantity to Send?

6. For each product that you are sending to Amazon you must enter the "Quantity to send". If this is the first time that you are sending a particular product to Amazon, we recommend sending no more than 5 units of each SKU.


  • We require a minimum order of at least 5 units per SKU.
  • The maximum number of units that you can ship (per shipment) is 150 units (total shipment size).

TIP! Replenishing your stock little-and-often is key. For future shipments (i.e. stock replenishment) Amazon will provide you with Quantity recommendations in the Restock Inventory workflow based on the volumes at which your products are selling. In our experience these recommendations are very accurate in determining the correct level of inventory that you should maintain at the fulfilment centre at all times.

TIP! Try to avoid your products running out-of-stock at anytime by checking your Restock Inventory Dashboard on a daily basis and creating replenshiment orders before your inventory runs out. Regular stock-outs are known to affect your IPI performance metrics and this can result in a loss of sales momentum.

7. Once you have entered your desired quantities for each product, Click the "Ready to pack" button . This button will not be shown until you have entered both the Size/Weight and Quantity to send values. See our official price-list to find this information.

8. Click "Pack individual units" button (at the bottom) to continue to the next-step.

Step 1b – Pack individual units

9. On the next screen, select "Everything will fit into one box" option and then Click "View contents".

10. Click "Print SKU labels" using the following settings:

  • Print format -> Standard formats
  • SKU label format -> 21-up labels 63.5mm x 38.1mm on A4

11. Click "Print" and then save the file as a PDF. You will need to upload this file to us via the FBA Wizard in "My Account".

12. Click "Download pick list" CSV file. You will also need to upload this file to us via the FBA Wizard in "My Account". You will be invoiced based on the exact unit quantities specified within this file.

13. Click "Close" and then Click "Confirm". You'll need to enter Packing Information for 1 Box. You must enter the weight and dimensions shown below:

  • Box dimensions (cm) -> 40 x 35 x 25 cm
  • Box weight (kg) -> 10 kg

TIP! You may see a warning which states "Box volume does not meet the expected minimum cubic cm". Please ignore this warning and Click "Confirm and continue".

Step 2 - Confirm shipping

14. Next, on the Confirm Shipping page enter your ship-date. The actual date that you specify does not matter. However, we advise that you aim to input a relatively accurate ship-date even though the physical ship-date may vary. We aim to ship your order to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre within + OR - 3 Business Days of your specified ship-date and will provide tracking information for your shipment prior to collection by our courier.

15. Under "Shipping Mode" select "Small parcel delivery (SPD)".

16. Under "Select Shipping Carrier" choose:

  • UPS (Amazon partnered carrier)*
  • Click "Accept changes and confirm shipping" button

TIP!* A shipping charge (as shown) will be charged directly to your Amazon account. We do not charge you any shipping or handling fees when you choose the Amazon partnered carrier option.

Step 3 - Print box and shipping labels

17. Select "Thermal Printing", Click "Print" and Save the file as a PDF. You will need to upload this file to us via the FBA Wizard in "My Account".

Step 4 - Use FBA Wizard to Submit Shipment Order files to us

18. Log-in to your account at jasoncarlmorgan.co.uk/account to launch the FBA Wizard and submit your shipment order files.

Final step: View tracking details

Tracking information has been automatically entered into the system for you. We will contact UPS directly to schedule your collection as soon as your shipment is ready.

Congratulations! Your Amazon FBA Shipment is now complete.

Get Started Today.

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