Passive FBA: We do the selling, for you

We let Amazon take care of storing, picking, packing and shipping our products to customers worldwide whilst we handle every other aspect of the selling on Amazon process — so you don't have to.

We sell our products on Amazon without any cost to you and pay you a 'profit share' for every unit of product sold on Amazon.

What is Passive FBA?

Passive FBA is our profit share program that lets you benefit from the products that we sell on Amazon.

We simply enrol our products to Amazon's Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program and ship inventory to Amazon Fulfilment Centers (FCs) across the UK and Europe. We let Amazon handle the heavy lifting with a one-day delivery promise providing a Prime Experience for customers.

Why "share" our profits with you, with Passive FBA?

On average, we see a sales uplift of 35%* when moving our products to FBA, as a result of faster delivery provided by the Prime Experience. In addition to that, FBA is also a cost saving opportunity for us because there is no warehousing or additional staff overhead needed on our part.

Instead, we simply pay these cost savings directly to you and benefit ourselves from the increase in sales that FBA provides us.

How Passive FBA works in 3 simple steps

Most people choose Passive FBA because it’s efficient and makes things easy.

1. You choose the products to enrol into FBA.

We produce those items and prepare them according to strict FBA requirements.

2. We ship the items that you choose to Amazon's Fulfilment Centers.

And throughout this process you will be provided with transparent information on the status of your shipment every step of the way.

3. Amazon ship those items directly to customers, and we share the profits with you.

Amazon will automatically pick, pack and ship products directly to customers quickly and reliably, and then we share the profits of those sales with you.

What happens if products don't sell?

Passive FBA makes the launch of new products on FBA completely risk free by giving you the ability to sell any unsold inventory — at anytime, with no penalties.

It's essentially, 100% risk free.

There are no fees, no hidden costs, and you will earn a guaranteed 25% 'net profit' as a result of the sales generated with FBA. Therefore, selling on Amazon with Passive FBA can be very profitable. 

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Getting started with Passive FBA in 5 simple steps

Follow these steps to get started with Passive FBA right now.

1. Register for FBA Enrolment.

To get started you'll need to create a retailer account and enrol into our FBA Enrolment program.

2. Choose products to enrol into FBA.

Decide the products you would like to send to Amazon. You can either explore our FBA Catalog or use our FBA Growth Opportunities Report which provides weekly recommendations for FBA that are updated every Thursday.

3. We prepare the products and send them to Amazon FCs.

We provide you with UPS tracking so that you can track your shipment all the way to Amazon's Fulfilment Centre and you will be able to see the status of your shipment every step of the way. Once Amazon receive the products, the product listing will be live on FBA.

4. Amazon will ship those products directly to customers.

When a customer places an order, Amazon will take care of packing and shipping that order to the customer, and they will provide any customer service where necessary.

5. We share the profits of every sale with you.

It's a win, win — for both of us. We increase our sales with FBA as a result of faster delivery for customers. We also save on fulfilment costs by letting Amazon store, pick, pack and ship products themselves, and we just pay those savings directly to you — at no cost to us, whatsoever — it's kind of genius if you think about it.

How to manage and grow your Passive FBA business?

From inside our FBA Retailer App, you will be provided with detailed reporting and dashboards to help you forecast your FBA sales and manage your inventory levels from anywhere in the world.

To grow, just add more products.

All you need to do to grow your Passive FBA sales — is just add new products.

The fastest way to grow is to use our FBA Growth Opportunities Report which provides weekly recommendations for FBA that are updated every Thursday. Making product choices using this report significantly improves your sell-through rates and leads to a faster ROI.

Here's a live snapshot of our FBA Growth Opportunities Report.

FAQ | Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order requirement?

  • There is an initial minimum spend of £500 GBP to place your first FBA Shipment with us. After that, there are no minimum spend requirements at all.

Are there any shipping costs?

  • No, we provide free shipping for all FBA shipments via UPS and we send those shipments to designated Amazon warehouses throughout the United Kingdom, for free.

How can I track my sales?

  • Our FBA Retailer App provides an easy way to track your earnings, view payouts and manage your inventory from anywhere in the world, using any device.

How can I see how much profit I'm making?

  • Again, our FBA Retailer App provides an easy way to see exactly what your costs, payouts and profits are for every product you have enrolled. You can also check our FBA Price List to calculate costs, payouts and profits when deciding on future products to enrol.

How do I top-up inventory units?

  • And once more, our FBA Retailer App again provides an easy way to manage your inventory on the go. You can buy and sell inventory at anytime directly from within the app.

Who owns the physical inventory?

  • To comply with Amazon policies, we (the supplier) remain the seller of record and are 100% responsible for all inventory stored at Amazon.

Can I sell inventory units?

  • You cannot sell inventory to another person or entity. However, you can sell any unsold inventory — at anytime, with no penalties.

Are payouts guaranteed?

  • Yes, all payouts are guaranteed for every unit of product sold on Amazon, even if units are returned, damaged, or lost in transit.

Do payouts change over time?

  • Yes. When we increase our prices — we increase your payout, too. Payouts are always profitable, meaning you are always paid more than the cost of the products you buy.

How and when will I receive payouts?

  • Payouts are sent directly to your bank account. We receive our payouts from Amazon every two weeks and then we transfer those payments to you.

Are there any fees or hidden costs?

  • No. There are no costs or hidden fees. The only cost you incur is the price you pay for the products you enrol, or the 'unit cost' when you add inventory to your existing products that are running low on stock.

What are the risks?

  • Well, only you can decide that. But, with no cost or fees and the ability to sell any inventory that hasn't sold — at anytime, without penalty — we genuinely consider this a risk free program.

Can I do Passive FBA if I'm based outside the UK?

  • Yes, Passive FBA is available to anyone — worldwide.

Can I sell my own products with Passive FBA?

  • No. Passive FBA does not allow the sale of your own products on Amazon.

So, what are you waiting for?

You will earn a guaranteed 25% 'net profit' as a result of the sales generated with FBA through this program, with ZERO risk. Therefore, waiting for a better oppportunity seems a bit pointless, don't you think? So jump onboard and get started with Passive FBA today.

We provide all the help you need to succeed with Passive FBA

As an Passive FBA Partner, you will have access to dedicated support 7-days a week.

You can also book a free call with us today and we'll even help you get started. And if don't like video calls — that's not a deal breaker. Join our FREE Seller Community and we'll be happy answer your questions over there instead.

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2 questions

  • Ben


    So what’s the catch?

    Having briefly done FBA before I found the following problematic

    1. Large startup cost
    2. Finding profitable items to sell
    3. Amazon seemingly jumping on every item you sell and beating your price and selling before you can
    4. Finding the retailers to purchase items to sell and make a profit
    5. Over saturated selling markets

    So I understand what you’re offering but what I want to know is what’s in it for you? By all accounts you could do this yourself without the need for sellers signing up with you. I’m talking about the passive fba option btw. Obviously you take a percentage of profits of course but not sure how this isn’t one of those too good to be true things!?

    I buy the goods and you basically do everything else for me? All I need to do is have the money to buy stock and that’s it!? My thinking is then there is already alot of competition to sell stock or that there soon will be with more customers you take on!?

    I’m sorry to sound so negative and cynical but with so many scams out there and empty promises etc etc

    Appreciate you’re not proclaiming a get rich quick scheme or anything but I’d definitely like more information please and my questions answered if possible.


    Kind Regards

    Ben Westing

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you for your comment and questions. I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and provide you with the necessary information. I have also sent a copy of my response directly to your email address.

    Firstly, let me address each of the following points:

    1. Large start-up cost:
    - With our Passive FBA Program, you have control over your start-up cost. You can choose to invest as much or as little as you want. The minimum order size for any SKU you choose to enroll is just 5 units.

    2. Finding profitable items to sell:
    - Every product unit you purchase through our program guarantees a positive return on investment (ROI) and a guaranteed profit for each unit sold. Our Official FBA Price List displays the profit figures for all available product types in our catalog. You can easily access and download the FBA price list through our Retailer App, which is free to register and use.

    3. Concerns about Amazon selling cheaper than you:
    - Rest assured, neither our Active nor Passive FBA programs allow Amazon to compete with you on pricing. We have never offered any of our products directly to Amazon, and we never will. As the manufacturer and distributor of our own products, we have complete control over our supply chain. Therefore, Amazon will never become a competitor for any of the products in our range.

    4. I don’t think one applies to us. Since we are not a retailer. We are a manufacturer and distributor of our own products.

    5. Over-saturated selling markets:
    - Our Passive FBA program offers exclusivity for the Amazon ASINs you invest in and purchase inventory for. This means that no other Passive FBA retailer can buy inventory for products that you have already enrolled in. Additionally, as mentioned in points two and three, we have full control over our supply chain and offer unique products. While we may not have the top-selling items on Amazon worldwide, we provide you with a unique opportunity to invest in our product range and gain exclusivity for the ASINs on Amazon.

    Regarding your question about what’s in it for us, the answer is simple: Investment.

    We have a vast product range of approximately 50,000 unique SKUs, which is continually growing. However, only a fraction of these products are currently enrolled in Amazon’s FBA program. Enrolling and shipping such large volumes of our entire product range to Amazon is a significant investment that we cannot undertake alone. While it could be done gradually over time, it would be a slow process.

    To expedite this process, we developed the Passive FBA Enrolment program. Your investment allows us to enroll more of our product range into Amazon FBA at a faster pace, accelerating our growth and improving our product range over time. In return for your investment, our program provides all the benefits described above.

    While I hope to have thoroughly answered your questions, I encourage you to sign up as a retailer, download our retailer app, and visit the “Help & Support” section. There, you can directly engage with me through our Retailer Chat for further assistance.

    Best regards,

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