Shopify Launch Accelerator 🚀 Reach £1K in sales with Shopify

Imagine being handed a Shopify store that's fully loaded with products and a proven track record having already made over £1K in sales, has more than 100 influencers actively promoting your brand on social media, and a solid marketing strategy that you can scale — with zero paid ads?

Well, with our Shopify Launch Accelerator — that's exactly what you get.

This is not a course.

There's nothing you need to learn, there are no videos that you need to watch and no content that you need to consume to make this work.

We simply build and grow your store to £1K and then hand things over to you with everything you need to scale already in place.

All that you have to do is give us shared access to your store whilst we do 99% of the work for you. Once we hit £1K — we hand things over to you and continue to be your supplier from there onwards.

This is 100% genuine — with our Launch Accelerator we build your store, list and supply all of the products, and manage everything including shipping all of your customer orders — 100% for FREE for up to one-year.

And if that's not enough — you also get to keep all the profit.

Our exclusive Shopify Launch Accelerator is a one-of-a-kind dropshipping opportunity that is specifically designed for building and scaling brand new Shopify stores, and is available to dropshippers worldwide.

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To qualify for the program:

  1. You need an existing Shopify account.
  2. You need to provide access to your store so that we can log in, add products and manage your account each day.

The benefits for you are:

  • We cover the cost of every product you sell.
  • We ship every order for free until your store reaches £1000 in sales.
  • We build your store, list and supply all of the products, and handle everything else from advertising, email marketing, promotions and even take care of all customer service for up to one-year.
  • We use Influencer Marketing to drive traffic to your store and grow your social media following organically with ZERO paid advertising.
  • We cover the cost of all 'gifted' products that we supply to influencers who will promote your store to their audiences.
  • You will have more than 100 influencers actively promoting your brand on social media.
  • And you get to keep all the profit that your store makes.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products will I be selling?

We distribute and supply all of our own products. This means we will list and supply all of the products for you. This may include listing up to 3500 products in your store throughout the duration of the program, or as we see fit to reach your goal. This will largely include product categories such as Acrylic Decor, Art Prints, Cake Toppers, Cold Cups, Greeting Cards and Stickers.

How long does it take to reach £1000 in sales?

We expect to reach this goal within the first six-months, however, for good measure our program extends for a full 12 months if necessary to ensure that we are able to reach this target for you. During this time, we continue to cover the cost of every product you sell and continue to ship every order for free until your store hits £1000 in sales.

What happens after my store surpasses £1000 in sales?

Once your store surpasses £1K sales we hand things over so you can take it from there. You can even start adding products from other suppliers, after all — it's your store.

We'll continue to be your supplier and provide ongoing support absolutely for free and the day to day operations will be managed by you.

What is my 'role' whilst enrolled in this program?

  • We just ask you to reach out and send automated collaboration invites to social media influencers daily. And don't worry, this is super easy and all done directly inside of Shopify. We set up and template everything for you and show you exactly how to do this — so that it takes you less than 30 minutes per day.

This is your only requirement throughout the entire program, and we do everything else for you.

Will I have access to my store?

Absolutely, you will maintain complete access to your store at all times.

How do I provide access to my store?

You grant access to your store through our Shopify Partner account just one-time, and then you can revoke our access at anytime after we handover the operations of your store to you.

How often will you need to access my store?

We will need access to your store throughout the duration of the program.

Are there any additional costs?

All selling costs such as subscriptions, ad fees, listing fees, selling fees and shipping labels are will be covered by the sales that we will generate for you throughout the entire duration of the program. All net payouts from Shopify will be fully retained 100% by you as profit.

How much 'profit' can I make with Shopify?

Meet Jonas (CuppaDecor Shopify Store) from Sandnes, Norway.

After just 15 weeks, Jonas has made sales of £816.48 GBP — That's 81% of his goal complete, with ZERO Paid Ads.

Jonas has been consistently profitable from the very beginning. In the first 15 weeks, we grew his sales from £0 to £816.48 GBP achieving over 81% of his goal — but more impressively, we're doing it with ZERO Paid Ads.

Jonas's actual 'real' Shopify stats since joining the program 👇

  • Shopify total orders 135 as of July 19th.
  • Shopify total sales £816.48 GBP.
  • Average conversion rate 3.03%.
  • Cost of shipping incurred £282.40 GBP.
  • Cost of goods supplied £0.00 GBP (100% free whilst enrolled in the program).
  • Cost of advertising £0.00 GBP (No money spent on Ads, whatsoever).
  • Influencer Commission on Sales £18.76 GBP.
  • Transaction fees £40.82 GBP (approx 5% of sales).
  • Shopify Subscription and App fees £35/month (approx £121.15 GBP).
  • Total Profit £353.35 GBP*.
  • Net Margin 43.27%.
  • *Expected profit over the next 12 months £1224.94 GBP excludes the cost of enrolment.

How is this made possible?

We use Social Media Influencer Marketing to build stores 100% organically without spending any money on paid ads.

So far, we've gifted £1708.00 GBP in 'free products' — at no cost whatsoever to Jonas himself.

At Week 15, Jonas now has 87 Social Media Influencers who are actively promoting his brand to their audiences as a result of 'gifted' collaborations that are 100% funded by us.

Would you like to achieve these results with your own store?

If yes, then don't think of enrolment as a 'cost' but think of it as an 'investment' — in your future.

You either want to learn how to make Shopify dropshipping work or not — and that decision is in your hands right now.

So make a promise to yourself and say that you absolutely want this, then enrol to make that reality actually happen 👇

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And to top that off, you will also have access to dedicated support 7-days a week.

If you'd like to learn more you can book a free call with us today and we'll even help you get started. And if don't like video calls — that's not a deal breaker. Join our FREE Seller Community and we'll be happy answer your questions over there instead.

And if you don't want to do that — you can just post a question down below instead 👇

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