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Our exclusive Dropshipping Program provides you with access to thousands of individual products, so instead of trying to sell what everyone else is selling, partner with us and you may never sell the same product twice.

Become a Partner Seller with The Official Dropship Beta today and get exclusive access to
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Let us begin by congratulating you on discovering our unique, one-of-a-kind drop shipping program designed to bring back the real opportunities of drop shipping before it came the “ultimate race-to-the-bottom”, where thousands of want be sellers all battle in the same space trying to sell the same products. About 10 years ago drop shipping was considered as a real viable business building opportunity in which long-term profitability and sustainable growth were evidently possible, and a real opportunity existed whereby you were able to operate your own eCommerce business online, with absolutely no cash investment whatsoever. Unfortunately these days the opportunities of the past are all but over and to put it into simple terms, there’s simply too many sellers and not enough suppliers. The result of which is fairly obvious if only now you’re entering the world of drop shipping.

In 2017 we launched the Official Dropship Beta, a program that opened a new world of opportunities for those still seeking the role of being a sit-at-home boss.

So what makes us so different?
Our unique concept is this. We provide you with access to thousands of one-of-a-kind products, so instead of trying to sell what everyone else is selling, partner with us and you'll never sell the same product twice.

We receive thousands of quality new and pre-owned genuine items from leading brands, sourced every week from ordinary folks just like you and I, people with wardrobes, attics and garages full of unwanted clutter but simply haven't got the time themselves (or the patience for that matter) to spend their evenings and weekends photographing and listing items they no longer want or need online.

As a global partner seller you're eligible to re-sell these products online providing you with a unique opportunity to sell items which are often extremely sought after, or unique one-of-a-kind products which others simply don't have access to. By carefully choosing to sell the right products you can earn profits which far surpass that of traditional drop shipping.

To find out more check out the Seller Success Programme aimed at providing you with all of the essential tips, guides and best practice advice to help make you a real success at drop shipping with the Official Dropship Beta.

Why "Beta"?
We consider our program to be rather unique and in so many respects still in it’s infancy having launched in 2017. We're still making tweaks to improve the opportunities for our global partners and to improve the overall accessibility of the program as a whole. As we continue to grow and learn more about the needs of our partners we will continue to make changes and improvements as necessary. We therefore consider our program to be operating currently as a ”Beta" program, hence the name "The Official Dropship Beta" as it's currently known.

Let's get you started...
If you haven’t already please register free for the Official Dropship Beta program using the form above. Once you've created an account you’ll get complete access to exclusive pricing across the store with easy-to-understand profit calculations for every product. We'll also invite you to join our Seller Support Channel which provides you with dedicated live chat throughout the day with an actual account manager. The level of support we offer for our global partner sellers is simply unrivalled. Find out for yourself and join us today, it's easy to start and it's absolutely free.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns with regards to any of the information provided above, or have a question about the Official Dropship Beta in general, be sure to let us know and contact us via Live Chat.