Trading Assistant Partner Program

Partner with the UK's #1 eBay Trading Assistant

Our exclusive Dropshipping Program provides you with access to thousands of individual products, so instead of trying to sell what everyone else is selling, partner with us and you may never sell the same product twice.

Who are we?
JasonCarlMorgan® is the largest eBay Trading Assistant service operating in the UK today. Our business provides services to both individuals and businesses providing for them a way to sell unwanted stuff or stock. The nature of our business has enabled us to accumulate a large amount of sought after stock covering thousands of categories, most of which you'll find available as single quantity "one-of-a-kind" finds and all of which we physically stock in-house, ready to ship worldwide to your customers.

In addition to all of the products you see available on this website, all of our Partner Sellers will get exclusive access to sell products belonging to both of our JCM® Graphics & WinsterCreations brands as an Official Partner Seller, which gives you access to an even wider array of bespoke, handmade and craft supplies products at exclusive wholesale prices.

What does it cost?
Becoming a Partner Seller with us is entirely free and you only pay us to fulfill the items you sell to your customers directly. To get started you'll need an eBay account, although you can of course, if you wish, choose to sell products anywhere online including selling on Amazon, Etsy, Facebook or even on your very own website.

What's so unique about this program?
Unlike most other distributors operating dropship programs for marketplace sellers, we’re rather unique in the sense that we mainly offer pre-owned or one-of-a-kind items and generally tons of stuff which is extremely sought after and almost impossible to find elsewhere. You certainly won’t find much competition for most of the items we sell, and this gives you a significant advantage in the market, or what's better known as a USP (Unique Selling Point).

How quickly can I start selling?
With instant access to our pre-made inventory files you can start selling immediately. To take full advantage of our Seller Tools and everything we have on offer, we recommend that you have access to an eBay Account (either Private or Business account type is sufficient), with access to eBay File Exchange (which is available to all sellers completely free of charge). We also recommend that you have access to an Amazon Seller Account with a Professional Selling Plan.

What can I expect to make?
On average our Partner Sellers sell 10% of their active listed inventory (per marketplace) each month. To put this into perspective, you can expect sell around 10 items per month for every 100 items that you place online, per each marketplace upon which you list items for sale. Here's a great example that we like to use to illustrate exactly what you can expect from your enrollment into our program.

Example Case
John has an eBay account and is registered as a private seller. As a private seller on eBay, John receives an inclusive allowance of 1000 Free Insertion (i.e. Free Listings) per month and uses our exclusive Seller Tools in conjunction with eBay File Exchange so that he can list products in bulk. After registering with our program John aims to list an initial 250 items onto his store using our eBay File Exchange Tools. John selects at random 250 items from our store and creates an eBay File Exchange Inventory File using our exclusive eBay File Exchange Tool (see video!) and then proceeds to upload this file to eBay via eBay File Exchange. Within just a few minutes, John now has 250 Active Fixed Price listings on his eBay Store. We expect John to sell at least 25 items (10% of his active listings) over the next month based on the average conversion rates that we typically see. After one month, John now has 225 items remaining on his store, since selling the expected 10% (25 items) during the previous month. If John doesn't top-up his store with more products, his sales will likely decrease to just 22.5 items over the next month. We therefore advise John to keep building his active inventory, which in turn will continue to increase his sales month after month.

Where can I find tutorials or guides on how it all works?
Watch our How To Dropship on eBay Introductory Video!

Thankfully you'll be pleased to know that since our program is extremely well established we've also written many guides and tutorials that'll be sure to help you get started quickly. If you'd like to find out more about how it all works and how to make the most of our Partner Program aka ("The Official Dropship Beta"), check out our Seller Success Programme here
So if you're interested in selling pre-owned, unusual or just rare, one-of-kind items, or fancy becoming an official reseller for our exclusive JCM® Graphics & WinsterCreations brands, and think you have what it takes to be successful on eBay, then you're probably just the right type of partner seller that we’re looking for and we’d be delighted to work with you right away. Create an account today and get instant access to our entire product catalog.

Alternatively, if you're already well established online but are simply looking for ways to become more efficient or wish to expand the reach of your own product offerings with the aid of a high performance multichannel trading partner, then we'd fully recommend that you check out Self-Service Selling. This enables you to list your products with JasonCarlMorgan® directly thus placing your products in front of over 100 Million buyers worldwide. We can open up your entire product range to 18 of the largest global marketplaces, complete with local translations, highly engaged marketing campaigns and super efficient pricing strategies helping you to succeed with ease on a global scale.