Global Reseller Partner Program

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Our exclusive Dropshipping Program provides you with access to thousands of individual products, so instead of trying to sell what everyone else is selling, partner with us and you may never sell the same product twice.

Become a Partner Seller with The Official Dropship Beta today and get exclusive access to
Template Tool Premium, the Simple Listing Designer for Sellers worth $129.99p/year.


What does it cost?
Becoming a Partner Seller with us is entirely free and you only pay us to fulfill the items you sell to your customers directly. To get started you'll need an eBay account, although you can of course, if you wish, choose to sell products anywhere online including selling on Amazon, Etsy, Facebook or even on your very own website.

We recommend starting with eBay simply because it's the easiest way to get started and provides you with the lowest barrier for entry in terms of upfront knowledge, experience and cost.

Since March 2019 if your eBay account is registered as a Private Seller account (i.e. non-business-use) you'll automatically receive a benefit allowance of 1000 Free Listings per month. This simply means that you can maintain an Active Selling Inventory of up to 1000 Listings and pay absolutely zero listing fees. Quite simply, you only pay a fee if you sell something. As a Private Seller, if you wish to list more than 1000 items you would pay £0.35p per month for each additional listing above your initial benefit allowance of 1000 Listings per month.

The Benefits of Being a Private Seller on eBay?

  • No Monthly Cost
  • 1000 Free Listings per month
  • Returns do not have to be accepted

The Disadvantages of Private Selling?

  • No Bulk Upload (must create listings individually)
  • £0.35p per listing above 1000 listings

Alternatively if your eBay account is registered as a Business Seller account, your best option is to subscribe to a Basic eBay Shop Subscription at a cost of £25 per month. This will provide you with 250 Free Listings per month. Whilst this may initially seem like a lot less than the 1000 Listing allowance that you receive as a Private Seller, the additional (per listing costs) after your initial free allowance is significantly less as a Business Seller. For instance, as a Business Seller you pay just £0.10p per month for each additional listing above your initial benefit allowance of 250 Listings per month, thereby making it a much more viable option if you wish to scale-up.

The Benefits of Being a Business Seller on eBay?

  • An eBay Shopfront
  • 250 Free Listings per month
  • £0.10p per listing above 250 listings
  • Option to increase Selling Limits and Allowances as you grow
  • Access to eBay File Exchange enabling Bulk Upload of products

The Disadvantages of Business Selling?

  • Returns must be accepted
  • Monthly cost of £25 per month

So as you can see there are a number of advantages and/or perhaps disadvantages to whether you're trading as a business or as a private individual on eBay. We'd recommend that if you have lots of time and you don't mind listing products individually (one-by-one) then you'll probably benefit more as a Private Seller until you've managed to grow your monthly sales to a reasonable level.

However, if time is an issue and you want to grow your business that much more quickly, then to get access to eBay File Exchange (which enables Bulk Upload of hundreds of products at a time) then most definitely the Business Selling option starting at just £25 per month is the way to go.