The Official Merchant Programme

Become An Official Partner Seller Today

Our exclusive Merchant Programme provides you with access to thousands of exclusive products, so instead of trying to sell what everyone else is selling, partner with us and sell our exclusive range.

What do we do?
Our business provides access to the Official Merchant Programme which offers both individuals and businesses exclusive access to sell our very own JCM® Graphics & WinsterCreations brands as an Official Partner Seller. In turn, these products are made available to millions of consumers worldwide through individuals just like you, who use our program to source and supply quality products for their customers.

By enrolling in our program you'll gain access to thousands of bespoke, handmade and craft supply products at exclusive wholesale prices, with everything always available and in-stock.

What does it cost?
Becoming a Partner Seller with us is entirely free and you only pay us to fulfill the items you sell to your customers directly. To get started you'll need an eBay account, although you can of course, if you wish, choose to sell products anywhere online including selling on Amazon, Etsy, Facebook or even on your very own website using platforms such as Shopify.

What's so unique about this program?
Unlike most distributors operating dropship programs for marketplace sellers, we’re rather unique in the sense that we offer exclusively only our own unique brands of products and established product ranges. You certainly won’t find much competition for most of the items we sell, and this gives you a significant advantage in the market, or what's better known as a USP (Unique Selling Point).

How quickly can I start selling?
With instant access you can start selling immediately. Our program is extremely well established (est. 2013) and has been running successfully for many years. We've written a ton of user guides and tutorials that'll be sure to help you get started quickly. So if you'd like to find out more about how it all works before you enrol (for free) and how to make the most of our Partner Program aka ("The Official Merchant Programme"), check out our Seller Success Wiki
So if you're interested in becoming an Official Partner Seller for our exclusive JCM® Graphics & WinsterCreations brands, and think you have what it takes to be successful on Online, then you're probably just the right type of individual that we’re looking for and we’d be delighted to work with you right away.

Create an account today and get instant access to our entire product catalog.