How To Make £1000 Per Month Selling Pre-loved Clothing on eBay, Vinted & Depop

Achieving your first £1000 per month is undeniably the most challenging milestone. Many underestimate the difficulty of this feat and unfortunately, most fall short. However, you can steer clear of this fate by adhering to three fundamental rules. By staying dedicated to these principles, consistently meeting your listing goals, we guarantee that you'll reach £1000 per month within 12 months or less.

Rule #1: List every day without exception.

Every online marketplace thrives on fresh listings each day, a crucial yet often overlooked practice. This straightforward strategy ensures a steady flow of traffic to your store consistently. You should strive to increase the number of overall listings in your store in order to sustain growth. Therefore, listing daily to grow your store should be your utmost priority.

TIP! Don't be fooled into using costly listing software to cheat your way to 1000's of listings in just a few days. Whilst this may work to grow your store initially, your store will crash the moment you stop listing at the same level as you did before. For sustained growth you need to build a consistent listing habit into your daily strategy and maintain it over a long period of time.

Rule #2: Use promotions and discounts every day with the shortest possible duration.

Promotions and discounts are staples in driving traffic, boosting conversions, and securing sales for every ecommerce store. This tried-and-true tactic is effective for a reason. Moreover, marketplaces offer a unique advantage in leveraging promotions to increase sales because promotion fatigue doesn't really apply on marketplaces. Buyers expect to see promotions on these platform every day -- so use them as often as you can to your advantage.

TIP! Always run promotions with the shortest possible duration. Why? Because the platform has a tendancy to promote new promotions, in the same way it promotes new listings. Therefore, running your promotions with the shortest possible duration allows you to maximize the visibility of your promotional efforts.

Rule #3: Remove under-performing listings from your store.

Every store has listings which are either; NOT generating views, NOT generating watchers, likes or favourites, OR NOT generating sales. Each one of these listings reduce the overall performance of your store causing the platform to reduce the amount of traffic that it diverts your way -- because it thinks you have rubbish listings. Make it a weekly habit to remove these poor performing listings from your store. In doing so you will improve your conversion rate prompting the marketplace to direct more traffic your way. More traffic translates to increased impressions, page views, and ultimately more sales.

TIP! Don't remove more listings than you are actively adding to your store each day. Reducing the number of listings in your store will reduce the amount of the traffic you receive and your sales will decline as a result.

Watch the video to learn more

In this video, I delve deeper into why applying these fundamental principles will guarantee a successful outcome for anyone interested in reselling pre-owned clothing on eBay.

How to get started selling Pre-loved Womenswear?

Our process is designed to be simple, flexible, and profitable. Here's how you can start selling pre-loved womenswear today.

1. Create an account

The first step is to create a retailer account. It’s completely free to do this.

2. Browse our Pre-loved Womenswear Catalog

Our Pre-loved Womenswear Catalog offers hundreds of high quality, in-stock and ready-to-ship items that you can sell. Once you've found an item that you'd like to sell you should add that item to your Watch Item list (Step 3) and then create a listing on your preferred marketplace.

3. Adding Items to your Watch List

Creating Watch Item notifications for every item that you intend to sell is an important part of the selling process. This is because it's possible for multiple sellers to sell the same item, unless they've opted for pre-purchase through our Buy Now option.

To create a Watch Item notification:

  1. Go to our Pre-loved Womenswear Catalog.
  2. Click the Watch Item button for any item.
  3. Enter your email address and Click Subscribe to Notifications.

TIP! You can pre-purchase items in advance to reserve them and become the exclusive seller using the Buy Now option. When you Buy Now, we reserve the item for you and nobody else will be able to sell that item.

eBay Sellers can opt for our CSV Import Files

Rather than creating listings manually, eBay sellers can utitlize our conveniently prepared CSV Import Files. These files have pre-populated listing data that allows you to create listings on eBay with a simple file upload.

How to setup your eBay Business Policies to accept our import files?

If you don't intend to sell on eBay -- you can skip this section.

  1. Go to:
  2. Create a new Postage policy named Postage Clothing
  3. Create a new Return policy named Returns JCM
  4. Create a new Payment policy named Payment JCM

IMPORTANT! Make sure to set each of the above policies to the "Default" policy. If this is not possible, simply Edit your existing policies and rename them to Postage Clothing, Returns JCM, and Payment JCM as required.

TIP! Business Policy names are CaseSensitive. You must make sure to copy them exactly or else when it comes to uploading our import files your upload may fail. Don't forget, you can always contact us if you need help setting up policies that work with our upload files.

Once you've downloaded the eBay CSV file, simply follow these steps to upload that file to eBay.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Upload template and select your file.
  3. Repeat the process for as many items as you'd like to list.

No more creatings listings via the eBay listing form! Simply add an item to your Watch Item List, or open up your Watch Item list to see items you've shortlisted for sale already, and then download the eBay CSV file.

TIP! If your upload fails it's because you haven't setup your Business Policies to match what's provided in our CSV files. Scroll back up to the start of this page to learn how to setup your eBay Business Policies correctly. Don't forget, you can always contact us if you need help setting up policies that work with our upload files.

4. Requesting access to your Watch Item list

You can monitor the status of your listed items at anytime through your personalised Watch Item list. If you've just started you'll need to contact us to request access to your Watch item list. Once you have access to your Watch Item list you can simply check it routinely and remove items which are no longer available. Doing this once daily serves the purpose of reconciling your inventory to avoid selling out of stock items.

TIP! You’ll automatically receive out of stock notifications for items on your Watch Item list. However, in case you miss those, checking your Watch Item list daily can help avoid stock-outs.

TIP! Get access to our Retailer Chat on Slack to get fast access to help and support. As and additional benefit, we post updates whenever we add new items to our catalog and we also send instant notifications for all sold pre-loved womenswear items through the #retailer-chat channel. This means you can not only get instantly notified whenever new stock becomes available but you can also see what’s selling regularly helping you to choose the best items for your store.

5. When you sell an item

Open your Watch item list and use the Buy Now button to purchase and ship the item to your customer. If you’ve pre-purchased the item as the exclusive seller, simply use the Ship Order button instead. This will allow you to create a fulfillment request to ship the order to your buyer.

TIP! You can save on shipping costs by opting to purchase and upload your own shipping labels. You can upload your own shipping label during the Buy Now and Ship Order processes.

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