How to Fulfill Your Orders

There are two methods of creating fulfillment requests for your orders. We can either accept your orders individually known as DTW (direct-through-website). This is when you place your orders with us 1-by-1 through our checkout system. If you are producing a regular volume of sales or are typically selling multiple quantities please consider using Bulk Upload instead. Bulk Upload enables you to create fulfillment requests for multiple orders using a single file upload, is more time convenient for you, and more cost effective for multi-quantity-item orders.


1. Go to our Store and log in to your Customer Account.

2. Use the Bulk Upload form to upload your orders with 1-Click.

IMPORTANT! The process above only applies if you are using "Bulk Upload" to submit your orders through the "Account" section of this website. This typically applies to Sellers' with a Shopify & SyncLogic integration and/or Marketplaces Sellers' such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and/or OnBuy Sellers' who create and manage their own product listings on these sites. If you are using any of our fully integrated supplier/retailer solutions such as Avasam, Spocket, Modalyst or Syncee, then your customer orders will be sent to us automatically -thus you can ignore the steps below.

Alternatively, if you have a Merchant Account with us you can place your orders through our website directly using your Unique Discount Code (UDC). Please follow the steps below. If you don't have a Merchant Account with us, you'll need to open a Merchant Account before you can place an order with us.

CREATING ORDERS (DTW) Direct-through-website (United Kingdom)

IMPORTANT! DTW orders can only be shipped to locations based within the United Kingdom. If you need to ship an International Overseas order, please use our Bulk Upload process.

1. Go to our Store and log in to your Customer Account.

2. Once logged in, head back to our Storefront.

3. Use the Search Function on our Site to Search for the Product by SKU. You can also search for the product by name, however since every single product on our Store has a unique SKU, it's always best practice to find your sold products by SKU to avoid ordering the wrong product!

4. Locate the correct product by confirming it's SKU against that of the item you've sold, simply click “Add to Cart“ and then head to the "Checkout".

5. At the checkout you can add ”Notes" to your order if there are any special requirements. In some cases your Buyer's may leave notes about delivery, so it's worth checking to see if your Buyer has left a note on the order, and if so, make sure to include it here at the checkout.

TIP! Don't include any information for us directly within your order notes since this information will be displayed on the buyer's packing slip.

6. Click the "Checkout" button to continue to next page where you will enter the Shipping Address details of your Customer. By default, this page may save details from a previous order that you have placed, so make sure to change this to your new Customer details!

TIP! Ensure that your Billing Address is always your own address. This will not be displayed to your buyer.

Please DO NOT provide us with your Customers email address. We won't be communicating with your customer directly at anytime. All dispatch notifications will be handled by the platform on which you sold the item. You will recieve receive a dispatch notification as soon as we’ve started processing your order as the order will be shipped on that same day. Once you receive this notification you may safely mark your customers order as shipped.

Use the Discount Code box at checkout (on the right hand side) to enter your Your Unique Discount Code (UDC). To locate your Unique Discount Code (UDC), simply navigate to the account section here

It is NOT possible to create a fulfillment request using your unique discount code in conjunction with any other promotional offer, or use of redeemable credit. Such orders may be rejected and you will be informed. Please use our Bulk Upload form to prevent your orders from being unnecessarily delayed or even cancelled.

8. Click "Continue to Shipping Method" and select "Free Shipping (2-3 working days)". We do not provide an International Shipping option for DTW (direct-through-website) orders. If your order requires International Shipping you must send the order to us via Bulk Upload instead.

To help you calculate your shipping costs correctly see Calculating the Cost of Shipping with our Shipping Rate Guide.

TIP: When placing your orders DTW (direct-through-webiste) the cost of shipping is priced into the cost of every item. It is therefore typically more cost effective for you to place Multi-buy purchases using Bulk Upload.

9. Click "Continue to Payment Method" to enter your payment details and to complete your purchase. There are 2 methods of payment available.

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
Choose the most appropriate option. Remember, if paying by Debit or Credit to select "Use a different billing address" since your Credit/Debit Card will not be registered to the same address as your customer.

10. Click "Complete Order" to place your order.
Congratulations, you have now placed your order! Within a few minutes you'll receive a confirmation email confirming the details of your order. If any of these details are incorrect, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. As soon as we’ve started processing your order, we'll let you know.

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