How to Submit Dropship or Print On Demand Orders?

Using our Bulk Upload Order Reports form you can easily submit your order data by downloading a (csv/text) report of your orders from each of the respective sites upon which you have sold items. This tool allows you to create fulfillment requests for multiple orders with a single file upload, saving you time and effort. Alternatively, you can create single order fulfilment requests using our Submit Order Information instead.

Remember, the price you pay to us will not be visible to your customers, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience for them.


1. Log in to your Customer Account or use our Retailer App.

2. Use the Bulk Upload Order Reports form to upload your Order Data.

TIP! If any of your orders require personalisation please submit this data separately using our Submit Order Information form after submitting your order files.


1. Log in to your Customer Account or use our Retailer App.

2. Use the Submit Order Information form to create a new fulfilment request.


1. Log in to your Customer Account or use our Retailer App.

2. Use the Bulk Upload Order Reports form to upload your Order Data.

3. Upload artwork for your Print On-Demand orders through our Submit Order Information form.

Optional: Purchasing your own shipping labels

To save money and make more profit per order, you can conveniently purchase your own shipping labels and effortlessly submit them alongside your daily orders through our Bulk Upload or Submit Order Information forms. This applies to both domestic and international orders, eliminating any restrictions. We don't charge a shipping-fee when you purchase your own labels.

Save 5% on international shipments with EVRi

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with EVRi International (, a reliable carrier renowned for their exceptional overseas shipping services. To sweeten the deal and encourage the utilisation of EVRi International, we are extending an exclusive 5% discount on all your international shipments. Simply apply the discount code INTEVRI5 during checkout and watch your shipping expenses dwindle, boosting your profit margins in the process.

Ship your orders with your preferred carrier

We recognise that each retailer has unique preferences when it comes to shipping carriers. While we wholeheartedly endorse EVRi International for its exceptional services, we also believe in granting you the freedom of choice. Therefore, you are welcome to opt for any carrier, be it for domestic or international shipments. Our utmost priority is to provide you with seamless shipping options that cater to your specific requirements and unlock the potential for increased profitability.

Amazon requires that you purchase shipping labels for all domestic bound orders through its "Buy Shipping" program in order to maintain a VTR (Valid Tracking Rate) of 95% or more. This applies to all letter and large letter sized shipments. Please refer to our price-list for package size information that will assist you with this process.

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