How to Fulfill Your Orders

There are two methods of creating fulfillment requests for your orders. We can either accept your orders individually known as DTW (direct-through-website). This is when you place your orders with us 1-by-1 through our checkout system. If you are producing a regular volume of sales or are typically selling multiple quantities please consider using Bulk Upload instead. Bulk Upload enables you to create fulfillment requests for multiple orders using a single file upload, is more time convenient for you, and more cost effective for multi-quantity-item orders.


1. Log in to your Customer Account.

2. Use the Bulk Upload form to upload your orders with 1-Click.

CREATING ORDERS (DTW) Direct-through-website (United Kingdom)

IMPORTANT! DTW orders can only be shipped to locations based within the United Kingdom. If you need to ship an International Overseas order, please use our Bulk Upload process.

1. Log in to your Customer Account.

2. Search for the product by name or SKU. Every product has a unique SKU, so always check the SKU to avoid ordering the wrong product.

3. Provide the Order ID f
or the Sales Channel upon which the item was sold. The Order ID should come from the Marketplace or Platform upon which the item was sold and should be unique to every order. We require a valid Order ID to uniquely identify this order through our system.

TIP! If required for this product type, please enter any required Personalisation or Customisation details using the fields provided.

4. Click "Add to Cart". You can then add "Notes" if your customer has provided some. These might include notes about delivery, so it's worth checking to see if your customer has left a note on the order, and if so, make sure to include it here at the checkout.

TIP! Don't include any information for us directly within your order notes since this information will be displayed on the customers packing slip.

5. Click the "Checkout" button to continue to next page where you will enter the Shipping Address details of your Customer. By default, this page may save details from a previous order that you have placed, so make sure to change this to your new Customer details!

TIP! Ensure that your Billing Address is always your own address. Your address will not be displayed to your customer, unless you have branded packing slips setup with us -contact us for more information about setting up custom branding for your orders.

Please DO NOT provide us with your customers email address. We will never communicate with your customer directly. All dispatch notifications will be handled by the platform on which the item was sold. Only you will recieve receive a dispatch notification from us.

6. Click "Continue to Shipping Method" and select "Free Shipping (2-3 working days)". We do not provide an International Shipping option for DTW (direct-through-website) orders. If your order requires International Shipping you must send the order to us via Bulk Upload instead.

TIP! The price you pay to us will not be displayed to your customer.

To help you calculate your shipping costs correctly see Calculating the Cost of Shipping with our Shipping Rate Guide.

TIP: When placing your orders DTW (direct-through-webiste) the cost of shipping is priced into the cost of every item. It is therefore typically more cost effective for you to place multi-buy purchases using Bulk Upload.

8. Click "Continue to Payment Method" to enter your payment details and to complete your purchase. There are 2 methods of payment available.

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card (Stripe Payments)
Choose the most appropriate option. Remember, if paying by Debit or Credit to select "Use a different billing address" since your Credit/Debit Card will not be registered to the same address as your customer.

9. Click "Complete Order" to place your order.
Congratulations, you have now placed your order! Within a few minutes you'll receive a confirmation email confirming the details of your order. If any of these details are incorrect, visit your Customer Account to use the "Update Order" form.

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