eBay Listing Service Inventory File Creation & Bulk Upload
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eBay Listing Service Inventory File Creation & Bulk Upload

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Have us take the hassle out of getting your products online with our professional listing services for eBay Sellers, a complete service which includes Inventory File Creation (at a fixed cost) for your entire catalog (or a selection of) enabling you to easily upload your entire catalog to the eBay Marketplace, both knowing your costs in advance and placing your products live in front of millions of eBay customers worldwide.

We also offer a range of ongoing services to help you manage your eBay Listings once they're live on the eBay Marketplace.

  • Bulk Editing of Product Images (incl. Background Removal)
  • Bulk Editing of Item Specifics
  • Bulk Price & Quantity Updates
  • Bulk Removal and/or Relisting of Listings
  • Plus any other major updates that you might require along the way!

How To Order? Get Your Products Ready for eBay Bulk Upload in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Click "BROWSE" to attach your Product Data
  2. Select the "No. of Product SKU's" to be listed
  3. Click "ORDER NOW" to submit your file for processing

You can submit your existing product data to us for Bulk eBay Inventory File Creation using any type of spreadsheet format/layout that you already have for your products. This can be an existing template downloaded from any Marketplace or eCommerce website platform upon which you already sell (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce), or even something as simple as a spreadsheet that you’ve made for your own records. Product Images should be provided in the spreadsheet as URL’s (i.e. a links to where the images are stored online), or instead you can share your images with us via Dropbox or Google Drive, whichever is easier for you.

If you have any special instructions for us, please use the box above to include these or any requirements that you may have in regards to how your products are to be formatted (i.e. variations, currency conversions), or, simply provide this information in your spreadsheet. If at anytime we need any further information to complete your inventory files, we'll be in touch.

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