Earn Cashback Rewards with JasonCarlMorgan®

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Simply shop with us anywhere online, whether that be right here on our website, or perhaps on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. No matter where you shop, you'll always earn 10% Cashback as a Store Credit Reward every time you shop with us anywhere online. All you have to do is remember to claim it.

How to submit a claim?
To submit a cashback claim you'll need to have a copy of your purchase receipt to hand. Simply enter the Unique Invoice Reference as shown on the top right hand side of the included packing slip (i.e. JCM123455). We will always include a packing slip for all claim eligible orders, so if you haven't received one with your order this time, be sure to get in touch and we'll provide a copy for you.

If you place an order through our website at anytime (https://www.jasoncarlmorgan.co.uk), you do not need to make a claim. Instead you will be automatically credited with your cashback reward as soon as we dispatch your order.

Will I need to create an account?
Yes, to be eligible for a claim you will need to have an existing account with us here on our website. If you haven't purchased from us before, simply click "create account" after submitting your claim. Once your account has been created and your claim has been approved, your available balance will be updated and you can start spending your earnings.

Where can I see my available balance?
To view your current balance simply login to your account.

How long does it take for my available balance to be updated?
In most cases we'll aim to have your claim approved and your new credit balance updated within 1 business day. If for any reason your claim isn't approved (i.e. in cases of a duplicate claim) we'll notify you by email.

How do I spend my available balance?
To spend your available balance simply click the "reedeem for discount" button which is located in several places throughout our site. It can be found directly below your available balance (within your account area) and also within the basket area of the checkout process. You can either choose to redeem your balance in full, or choose a specific amount instead. Any unused portion of your balance which isn't used will be automatically credited back to your account.

What can I spend my available balance on?
Your available balance can be used to purchase any item on our website and can be used to discount the price of your order in full, except any applicable shipping cost. Unfortunately it is not possible for you to use your available balance in conjunction with any other discount, nor is it possible to spend your available balance whilst shoppping at third-party websites, such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy.

Will my available balance ever expire?
Your available balance does not have a specific expiry date and will continue to grow with each subsequent claim that you make. However if at anytime we decide to discontinue our rewards program, we'll make sure to notify you in advance of this decision and allow plenty of time for you to spend your available balance before it is withdrawn.

Can my available balance be paid to me?
Unfortunately your available balance is a store credit balance only and therefore does not hold any physicaly monetary value. You can only spend your available balance when making purchases exclusively through our website.

Can my available balance be transferred to another account?
Unfortunately we do not allow for your available balance to be transferred to another account. If for any reason you are unable to access your account, either contact us, or click the "forgot password" link (on the login page) to reset your password and to regain access to your account once again.