Information for Existing Clients


This page contains information for our existing Clients including how to locate your items online, when and how you will be paid and how to request a statement of your account if you haven't received one.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my items be listed?
We aim to have all of your items processed, listed and evaluated for Instant Buy Offer usually within two weeks of receipt. If you haven't received an Instant Buy Offer from us after this time has already passed, please contact us to find out why.

How can I view my items online?
Once your items have been processed you will be able to view them online using your unique 5 Digit Client Code. If you're an existing client, you'll probably already know your unique code as this can be found as a 5 Digit Code displayed at the end of each and every product title of every item that we list under your account. If you know your Client Code already, you can locate your items online by entering your Client Code into the box at the top of this page.

If you're a new Client you should receive an email as soon we begin processing your items and this will contain your unique 5 Digit Client Code.

When will I receive an Instant Buy Offer?
You can expect receive an Instant Buy Offer from us shortly after your items have been processed. This is usually within two weeks of us receiving your items. If you haven't received an Instant Buy Offer from us after this time has already passed, please contact us to find out why. It's possible that our Instant Buy Offer email has been filtered to your spam/junk mail box or that the value of your items was too low to qualify for an Instant Buy Offer. There is a minimum offer value of £10.00 per box. This simply means if we value your items at less than the minimum value, unfortunately we won't be able to provide you with an Instant Buy Offer due to the low resale value of your items.

I don't want to accept the Instant Buy Offer, what happens?
If you choose not to accept our Instant Buy Offer you do not need to tell us as the offer will simply expire after 7 days. Instead we simply continue sell your items on a consignment basis as an eBay Trading Assistant and you'll receive payments from us each month, as your items sell.

How can I view my sold items online?
Unfortunately you cannot view your sold items online since once they are sold they are no longer visible online from within our eBay Store. Once sold, items are allocated to your account on a monthly basis and you'll see them on your next monthly statement (i.e. your breakdown of sales).

When will I receive a payment?
We issue payments on your account once per month (usually on 14th of each month) providing that your account balance is above our minimum payment threshold of £20.00. Should in any case your account balance be below the minimum payment threshold of £20.00 for any given month, the amounts owing to you will be simply rolled over into the following month. 

I haven't received any statements from you?
If there aren't many items listed online, then it's unlikely that you will sell enough items to receive regular (monthly) statements from us. In such cases, you may only receive a statement once every 3-4 months since your account will require a positive balance of at least £20.00 before a payment can be issued to you. Since we always issue your statements by post, you won't receive a statement until your account is due a payment.

How do I request a statement of my account?
Whilst you won't receive a statement by post until your account is due a payment, you can of course request a statement at anytime. Simply fill out the form below to request a statement of your account and we'll send you a statement of your account within 1 Business Day. This will include any outstanding (unpaid) sales/invoices which have been allocated to your account.

Please note that your statement summary will not be able show any sales of your items for the current month since these cannot be allocated to your account until the current month has closed and your account has been updated. In order to ensure that you receive an accurate/up-to-date statement, we recommend that you only request a statement after 15th day of each month. Additionally, if your account is due a payment during the same month in which you request a statement, we can only provide you with the amount due to be paid to you for that month and you'll need to wait to receive your statement by post instead. This is because once a physical statement has been generated, there will be no outstanding balance to show on your account.