Trading Assistant Services for Businesses

We work with both businesses and individuals helping them to set and achieve realistic goals with services going far beyond those of traditional Trading Assistants. We can provide our Clients with case-specific and tailored business services including;

Marketplace Account Management incl. eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more

Have us partially or fully manage and maintain your marketplace accounts. This service can range from just setting up and/or optimising your account for growth on a one-time basis only, or as an ongoing requirement handling all aspects of your account management including listing, inventory management, pricing, order management, fulfilment, customer service and returns handling as a complete bespoke package.

Our Marketplace account management services (ongoing) start from £25p/month +VAT plus 5% of your gross sales. This cost reduces exponentially with our tiered plans as we successfully grow your business for you.

Professional Listing Services including Listing Creation, Inventory File Upload, Bulk-editing & Photo Editing plus ongoing Listing Management

Have us take the hassle out of getting your products (and keeping them) online with our professional listing management services. We offer a range of services from bulk listing creation, photography and touch-up incl. background removal, editing of your existing listings including item specific updates, inventory management, price changes and more.

This can become a bespoke service based on your requirements, but typical prices for listing creation start from just £0.50p +VAT per SKU.

Setup Your Own eCommerce Store - A Complete Migration of your existing eBay/Amazon Store to Shopify

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if eBay or Amazon were to no longer be? Thankfully we have, and our best advice is act now before it's too late! Of course, as you already know eBay, Amazon & Etsy are all fantastic places to sell but you may in fact be just one policy violation away from losing it all and having to start from scratch.

Act now and have us fully migrate your existing eBay, Amazon or Etsy Store over to Shopify and launch your very own Online Store today. Start building your very own customer base (rather than relying on others) and secure the viability of your business for the long-term. You can simultaneously run your own store whilst continuing with your marketplace stores, but safe in the knowledge that you have a backup plan in place. So should the worst ever happen, at least you know you'll be able to continue trading.

Again, as above this can become a bespoke service based on your requirements, but typical prices for bulk listing migration onto the Shopify platform start from just £0.50p +VAT per SKU.

Customer Service for your Marketplace accounts, 365 days a year

Fed-up of dealing with customer enquiries, return requests and complaints out-of-hours, on the weekends and on Christmas day, just to keep your account metrics in check? Have us handle this for you for a simple ongoing monthly fixed cost.

Our customer service handling provides a 365 day a year service, starting from just £25p/month +VAT. Pricing is based on the number of active SKU’s in your account, and priced per active marketplace.

Advanced Marketing Strategies for Promoted & Sponsored Listings

Not using Promoted or Sponsored Ads on marketplaces yet? Well, you’re losing out. Our studies have shown that proper utilisation of Promoted and Sponsored Ads on both eBay and Amazon will increase your sales by at least 25% (yes, a quarter) within 1 month of launch. Let us help you leverage these tools by managing your existing campaigns (or by creating new ones) that are guaranteed to increase your sales.

Our advanced marketing services specifically designed for use with eBay Promoted Listings and Amazon Sponsored Ads start from just 5% of your monthly marketing campaign spend, billed monthly.

Development Services for Custom Infrastructure & Cloud-based systems

Bespoke web-development, including application and graphic design services available on request following any of our consultation services provided above. Once we understand the requirements of your business, your current inefficiencies, your targets and your goals, we can continue to work more closely with you to build a complete custom infrastructure helping to connect your existing systems to your online marketplace accounts enabling your business to become more cost efficient by streamlining your existing workflows with purpose built solutions designed exactly to your requirements.

Why us?

Unlike most Trading Assistant service providers, JasonCarlMorgan® maintains an active selling presence globally, including throughout UK & Europe, North & South America, Japan and Australia, whilst actively shipping customer orders to all of these regions on a daily basis.

For both ourselves and for our Clients alike, we actively maintain thousands of listings across multiple sales channels with custom built infrastructure (yes, we have our own development team too!). In part this has helped us to achieve our own successes online enormously by enabling us to process thousands of customer orders each month whilst continuously striving for greater efficiency in every part of our business throughout our 12 year history as an eCommerce Marketplace Seller ourselves, and also as a Trading Assistant service provider to other businesses.

So whether you're looking for a one-time consultation and review of your existing selling practices online, or an ongoing partnership with regular support and advice, we're almost certainly here to help you achieve your selling goals in one way or another.

So why not get in touch today to learn more about our Business Services.