Trading Assistant Services for Businesses

As the largest operating eBay Trading Assistant in the UK today, Jason Carl Morgan himself offers you a unique opportunity to leverage his vast knowledge and experience in this field by helping you to achieve your goals of becoming a more successful business on eBay (and also Amazon too!).

We work with both businesses and individuals helping them to set and achieve realistic goals with services going far beyond those of traditional consultants. We currently provide our Clients with services such as (but never limited to):

Marketplace Consultancy Services including calls, meets and on-site visits

Gain expert insight into your eBay/Amazon business with a partial or complete analysis of your account performance using all of the available data to help you understand your position more clearly. We will help you discover actionable insight on how to improve your sales, ranging from ways to increase visibility on the marketplace to understanding your performance metrics and the impact of sales velocity.

Our consultancy services start from £45p/hour +VAT.

This includes calls and/or web chats (whichever you prefer) for an in-depth analysis based on the information you provide with a dedicated timeslot allocated to you personally.

Informal off-site consultation meets in Cardiff available from £90p/hour +VAT, plus travel expenses if meeting place is outside of Cardiff (CF postcode area). An informal meet will enable us to understand your business goals more clearly with an in-depth analysis of your account provided, plus expert advice and actionable insight to help move your business forward.

Full-day on-site visits from £500p/day +VAT plus travel expenses and prior night accommodation stay within local area (subject to availability). A complete analysis  dedicated to understanding the full overview of your business with an on-site visit. We will analyse both your online and offline business as a whole with you directly on-site undertaking steps including a review of your overall marketplace account management, warehousing, stock control, picking, fulfilment, integrations enabling us to provide you with a direct input, plus on the floor talks with your frontline staff helping them to better understand the implications of their actions and how that directly correlates to the success of the business online.

Full eBay and/or Amazon Account Management

Have us partially or fully manage and maintain your marketplace accounts. This service can range from just setting up and/or optimising your account for growth on a one-time basis only, or as an ongoing requirement handling all aspects of your account management including listing, inventory management, pricing, order management, fulfilment, customer service and returns handling as a complete bespoke package.

Our full eBay and/or Amazon account management services (ongoing) start from £25p/month +VAT for a basic level store plus 5% of your gross sales. This cost reduces exponentially with our tiered plans as we successfully grow your business for you.

Fulfillment Services including Storage, Pick, Pack & Shipping Globally

Complete in-house fulfilment services including free storage (subject to fair-use), includes a single per order cost to pick, pack & ship each of your customer orders to more than 270 countries worldwide, with a return and resell handling option included with intergrated access to our Trading Assistant for Business program.

Our fulfillment services start from just £4.75 +VAT (UK) and £7.95 +VAT (overseas) for parcels up to 2kg and includes delivery confirmation within the UK. Lesser rates starting from just £2.75 +VAT are available for large letter items up to 750g. Tracked services available for international destinations starting from just £14.95 for up to 2kg to most European destinations. Full pricing rate-card available on request.

Professional Listing Services including Photography, Editing & Management

Have us take the hassle out of getting your products (and keeping them) online with our professional listing management services. We offer a range of services from bulk listing creation, photography and touch-up incl. background removal, editing of your existing listings including item specific updates, inventory management, price changes and more.

This can become a bespoke service based on your requirements, but typical prices for listing creation start from just £0.50p +VAT per SKU.

Customer Service for your Marketplace accounts, 365 days a year

Fed-up of dealing with customer enquiries, return requests and complaints out-of-hours, on the weekends and on Christmas day, just to keep your account metrics in check? Have us handle this for you for a simple ongoing monthly fixed cost.

Our customer service handling provides a 365 day a year service, starting from just £25p/month +VAT. Pricing is based on the number of active SKU’s in your account, and priced per active marketplace.

Advanced Marketing Strategies for Promoted & Sponsored Listings

Not using Promoted or Sponsored Ads on marketplaces yet? Well, you’re losing out. Our studies have shown that proper utilisation of Promoted and Sponsored Ads on both eBay and Amazon will increase your sales by at least 25% (yes, a quarter) within 1 month of launch. Let us help you leverage these tools by managing your existing campaigns (or by creating new ones) that are guaranteed to increase your sales.

Our advanced marketing services specifically designed for use with eBay Promoted Listings and Amazon Sponsored Ads start from just 5% of your monthly marketing campaign spend, billed monthly.

Development Services for Custom Infrastructure & Cloud-based systems

Bespoke web-development, including application and graphic design services available on request following any of our consultation services provided above. Once we understand the requirements of your business, your current inefficiencies, your targets and your goals, we can continue to work more closely with you to build a complete custom infrastructure helping to connect your existing systems to your online marketplace accounts enabling your business to become more cost efficient by streamlining your existing workflows with purpose built solutions designed exactly to your requirements.

Unlike most eBay Consultancy Service providers, JasonCarlMorgan® actively operates it's own businesses on both eBay & Amazon and has done so since 2007 accumulating a wealth of knowledge over a period of more than 12 years. As an eBay Concierge Seller with an Anchor Store level subscription, we have an active presence spanning 11 Global eBay Marketplaces with full local translations in every market including a global presence on no less than 9 Amazon Marketplaces. We maintain an active selling presence throughout UK & Europe, North & South America, Japan and Australia and ship to these regions on a daily basis.

We actively maintain hundreds of thousands of listings across multiple sales channels with purpose built infrastructure (yes, we have our own development team!) which has helped us to achieve our own successes online enormously. We process thousands of customer orders every month and continuously strive for greater efficiency throughout our business building custom solutions for almost every problem we've encountered along the way throughout our 12 year history as an eBay and Amazon marketplace business. We also operate successfully entirely independent of eBay and Amazon with our own Online Store which runs on the widely-known Shopify platform, through which we operate our Global Partner Program and Wholesale Business with great success.

So whether you're looking for a one-time consultation and review of your existing selling practices online, which is almost guaranteed to help inrease your sales in one way or another, or an ongoing partnership with regular consultancy calls, meets and on-site visits with ongoing support and advice, we're most certainly here to help you achieve your selling goals, starting today.

Contact us today on 02920 003321 to find out more about how we can help, or email us using the form below.