Top Tips When Listings Products Online

High Resolution Product Images can be downloaded from our product pages directly. To do this, simply right click the product image and hit "view image" to display the full resolution version of the image. You can then right click again and save the image to your computer.

Informative product descriptions which detail the intended purpose and application of our products can be found directly on our product pages. As an Official Partner Seller you are licensed to re-use these product descriptions in your own listings and may (at your own discretion) alter the original product description for use how you see fit. In fact, this is highly recommended. Please consider however that when making changes to your product descriptions, please refrain from adding misinformation about the products (i.e. get in touch if you need more information about our products first) as this may cause confusion and cause complaints from your customers later on.

You should also to try to present your listings as best as you possibly can by creating attractive listings with great titles and unique descriptive content. It's this individual effort and attention detail that will enable you to sell with ease and ultimately generate substantial profits from your efforts.

There are no rules surrounding how, where or for what price you can list your items for sale. You are free to list products anywhere online. There are no minimum or maximum prices to follow and we will not compete with you. We will not change our business model based on anything that you do.

We encourage you to follow our guidelines for Avoiding Trademark, Misuse of Brand Name and Other Listing Violations to ensure that your marketplace accounts remain in good standing.

When pricing your items you should be mindful of your costs. You'll need to take into consideration the following;

1. Fees for selling online
Most marketplaces such as eBay and/or Amazon will charge you a sales fee. This is usually a percentage of the total price paid and may also include any shipping costs that you've added on. Some may also charge you an initial listing fee, so look out for any "free offers" or "giveaways" where you're able to list items for free.

2. Calculating your "Buy Price"
To help you sell profitably from day one each product is displayed with a "Buy price" and a recommended "Sell for" price. The "Buy price" is calculated by applying your reseller discount and provides you with a true cost to help determine the profitability of a product. To further help you with this, we've also added "Net Margin" which shows you (as a percentage) how much profit you're actually making.

3. Shipping Cost
For more information see Calculating the Cost of Shipping with our Shipping Rate Guide.

To help you calculate your selling fees in advance we've provided some useful fee calculators which enable you to see exactly how much profit you will make based on the selling price you choose. It's a great way to quickly check your potential profit before placing your offer online. Please not that we are not endorsed or sponsored by any of these tools, nor can we guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by third-party seller tools.

Fee Calculator for Selling on Amazon

Fee Calculator for Selling on eBay

Let's get you started...
If you haven’t already please register free for our Official Merchant Programme using the registration form here. Once you've created an account you’ll get complete access to exclusive pricing across the store with easy-to-understand profit calculations for every product. We'll also invite you to join our Seller Support Channel which provides you with dedicated live chat throughout the day with an actual account manager. The level of support we offer for our global partner sellers is simply unrivaled. Find out for yourself and join us today, it's easy to start and it's absolutely free.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns with regards to any of the information provided above, please leave a comment below.

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