The Absolute Beginners Guide to Dropshipping

Do you find your ambitions are often hindered by financial restrictions? Well thankfully when it comes to Dropshipping, starting a business has never been more affordable. All of the tools you need to start selling online are right here at your disposal—and it can all be achieved without spending a thing! Here’s how it’s done…

Your goal is to make sales, so don’t get obsessed over the details. Take the “Do it and ship it” approach. Make quick decisions about your initial product choices and focus on generating sales. You can make changes as you progress, but knowledge is what you need and you’ll always  gain more by “doing” rather than just reading this post.

Here’s the simple roadmap;
  1. Find a product
  2. List it for Sale on eBay for free
  3. Generate your First Sale
Let’s begin…

What Should You Sell?
When choosing a product, people often fall into one of two categories.
  1. On a whim, with little consideration, which ends up wasting a lot of time and effort for no results.
  2. By spending weeks browsing through page after page of products, but probably choosing one of the first ones you thought of.
For the purposes of actually get started and making some progress, try to be somewhere in the middle. You have to validate your idea with data, but don’t get held up on always looking for something better. Dropshipping allows you to quickly switch between ideas, so if your first one proves to be unsuccessful, you can easily try another one later.

Where Should You Sell?
What you really need is a simple medium to sell your products and this is where eBay serves this goal perfectly well for when you’re just starting out. As a Private Seller you get an inclusive allowance of 1000 Free Listings per month which is more than enough to make some money. Again, we only need to cover the essentials before we move to adding products and finally making sales.

Since we have 1000 Free (use ‘em or lose ‘em) Listings, we might as well make the most of what’s free to maximise our chances of success. Whilst Dropshipping is a fast and easy way to kick-off your online business, making money quickly in the beginning is key to establishing your enthusiasm here, so we need something which will produce results for us quickly.

Dropshipping with The Official Merchant Programme
Introducing our unique program, “The Official Merchant Programme”, which works similarly to the traditional Dropshipping method. You simply copy the product from our Store ( and list it on your own eBay Account. You set your own prices/markups and after you sell a product, you purchase it from our Store and have it shipped directly to your customer.

Dropshipping with us comes with many advantages, but Dropshipping in general is far more convenient than just stocking inventory and fulfilling orders yourself.

Below we’ve listed some PRO’s and CON’s specific to Dropshipping with us via The Official Merchant Programme which should consider.

1. You control your own margins. You are not bound to a suggested retail price (SRP) and can decide your selling price on your own.
2. You can start immediately, for free. Dropshipping with us is possible without spending any money!
3. You don’t need an established business entity before starting to sell on eBay as a Private Seller.
4. You have access thousands of well established products and product variants. Instantly.
5. You get after sales support including 30 Day Returns as standard and generous Refund Policy when something goes wrong.
6. Our products are in demand, both our catalog and brands are well established in their respective fields which means buyers are actively looking for our products online.

1. When Dropshipping, it’s hard to gain a competitive advantage. When you’re just starting out, it’s even harder.
2. Other than the United Kingdom, overseas delivery is expensive and takes 7-21 Days, which can make it less attractive to customers.
3. Listing just 20 products, unfortunately won’t make you rich.

So is it worth a shot? 6 to 3 says definitely yes. We get to see what our existing partners are already making using our program, so there’s no reason to suggest why you can’t achieve the same success!

The Best Way to Start?
Start by registering for the Official Merchant Programme as a Partner Seller to get Instant Access to our trade pricing on thousands of products. Once you're in you can immediately start adding products to your marketplace accounts.

Try to look for products which have multiple variations (i.e. colours/size) since these tend to rank higher in the search results naturally on the major marketplaces. Ensure to create multivariation listings for your products and offer as many sizes and colours as we have available. The more choice you offer, the higher your listing will rank in the initial search results.

Adding Products to eBay
We highly recommend getting started with eBay first. Listing an item for sale on eBay these day's couldn't be any simpler, so simple in fact, you can even do it entirely using your smartphone via the eBay Mobile app. Or, if you’re using a computer navigate to the eBay website, log in and hit “Sell an item” to begin.

1. Describe What You're Selling
The first step is to enter a couple of keywords to briefly describe the product you’re selling. This allows eBay to automatically suggest the appropriate category for your item. An example of “briefly describing” would be to enter two or three keywords such as “Wall Print”. Once you've done this choose the most appropriate category for your item as suggested by eBay.

2. Add The Product Image
Download the high resolution product image directly from the product page on our website. To do this, simply right click the product image and hit "view image" to display the full resolution version of the image. You can then right click again and save the image to your computer.Once you have saved the image, upload it to your listing as instructed.

**Mobile App users can download the image by pressing your thumb (or finger) on the image until prompted to “Save Image”.

3. Give Your Product A Great Title
This is your initial sales pitch, so really give this some thought and try to make use of the full 80 character limit since the more keywords you use, the more likely your item will be found in the search results.

4. Add Item Specifics
Try to provide as much information as you can, and ensure to enter as many of the Item Specifics as you can since this will help your listing appear more frequently in the Search Results. For most categories, certain information will be required, such as "Brand" and "Size" which are easily known. But we recommend going the extra mile and entering as many of the Item Specifics as you can as this will help your listing to show in the search results more often.

5. Add A Description
Informative product descriptions which detail the intended purpose and application of our products can be found directly on our product pages. As an Official Partner Seller you are licensed to re-use these product descriptions in your own listings and may (at your own discretion) alter the original product description for use how you see fit. In fact, this is highly recommended. Please consider however that when making changes to your product descriptions, please refrain from adding misinformation about the products (i.e. get in touch if you need more information about our products first) as this may cause confusion and cause complaints from your customers later on.

6. Setting Your Price
Unless you already have a specific idea about on how to markup your products so that you make a profit, set your price to the "Sell for" (as shown on our product pages) since this automatically adds the Shipping Cost into your price. By doing so, you'll instantly gain a competitive advantage when you offer Free Shipping. Since you've built the cost of Shipping into your selling price, you already know you're covered. We also recommend that you enable the "Best Offer" option (if it is not already enabled by default) since this will attract more interest in your products by allowing potential buyers to make offers on your items.

7. Accepting Returns
As a Private Seller, you don't have offer a returns policy although doing so may provide a slight competitive advantage.

8. Submit Your Listing Live
Congratulations! You're now ready to sell your item. To complete your listing just hit "List Item" an you'll be live within seconds!  

Now that you’ve listed your first product for free, the only thing left to do is to make some money! Continuing adding as many more products as you possibly can and make sure to use your entire free allowance (at the very least). If you do this we almost guarantee you'll be on the road to success very soon.

Final Thoughts
Our goal with this guide is to show you how easy it is to get started and provide you with the steps you need to take in order to succeed. You don’t have to spend any money to get started, you just need a willingness to give it try. Now, it’s up to you to take action.

Failing to be successful at Dropshipping the first time round is not an excuse to quit. Repeat this cycle again and again until you make it work.

Let's get you started...
If you haven’t already please register free for our Official Merchant Programme using the registration form here. Once you've created an account you’ll get complete access to exclusive pricing across the store with easy-to-understand profit calculations for every product. We'll also invite you to join our Seller Support Channel which provides you with dedicated live chat throughout the day with an actual account manager. The level of support we offer for our global partner sellers is simply unrivaled. Find out for yourself and join us today, it's easy to start and it's absolutely free.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns with regards to any of the information provided above, please leave a comment below.

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