Sell Bundled Items to Benefit from Combined Shipping Discounts

Since we’re always looking out for ways to help you sell and earn more with the Official Merchant Programme, we'd like to share with you a secret to success...

Did you know? You can add more value to your offers by carefully selecting items and creating unique bundled lots. Essentially you're selling multiple items together instead of just trying to sell them on their own.

By selling carefully selecting items bundled together you’ll be creating unique offers that cannot be purchased from any other seller.

This brings with it multiple benefits, but mostly an advantage to you because your offer is then no longer comparable to anything else available online. You can design your offers to be so unique that there are literally no comparable options available elsewhere. Buyers who then show interest in your listings can only purchase from you since it will be unlikely that any other seller will have bundled the exact same items together.

We recommend using a Collage Maker app (like the one shown below), please note that we've no affiliation to this app whatsoever, we just like it, and it's 100% Free!

By using a collage maker like the one above you can easily showcase your bundled offering as a single image by uploading multiple product images and creating a collage. Once you've created your collage image, you can use this as the main product shot for your bundled listing.

TOP TIP! Don't forget to add the original full-resolution images as "additional images" to your listings as you'll want to individually showcase each of your items as large images to allow for image zooming .etc

There's also an option within the eBay Listing form to specify that your listing is a "Bundle" of items. By selecting this option, eBay will emphasize to the buyer that your listing is a "bundled" offer. And of course remember, a "Bundle" can be anything consisting of two or more items and that's really what we mean when we say to "bundle items together". Adding value to your offers doesn't require you to sell randomly selected items all bundled together, but just a carefully selected few that will compliment each other, much in the same way that retailers today try to sell you "Add-ons" at the checkout.

So as you can see creating unique offers by bundling items together can be extremely effective and will undoubtedly bring more value to the items you’re selling. Additionally when you choose to bundle selected items you’ll automatically qualify for combined shipping discounts when placing your bundled item orders for fulfilment to your customer. This will significantly reduce the cost of shipping (per item) for each of your bundled orders in comparison to selling each item individually on it’s own.

Give it try today.

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