How to Increase Sales with Promotional Discounts

Retailers can offer promotional discounts at any time as a way to increase sales and this can be especially useful during both 'peak' and 'off-peak' periods for a variety of reasons.

For example; you may wish to offer promotional discounts during peak periods such as for an upcoming product launch or sales event. Conversely, promotional discounts can also be helpful during 'off-peak' or slow periods, when sales appear to be trending downwards and when nothing else seems to be working.

We enable our retailers the ability to provide such promotional discounts on their own terms by not restricting when, where or how those discounts are provided. Retailers are free to use all of the various promotional tools at their disposal across all of the platforms upon which they sell. Meanwhile, we provide a simple set of rules that enable our retailers to make their own decisions and a straight-forward way to claim eligible reimbursements for the discounts they provide to their customers during these promotional periods.

To assist our retailers in off-setting some of the cost of providing promotional discounts to their customers and as part of our promotional discounts tools we provide an equivalent % SRP (Suggested Retail Price) discount (of up to 30%) on eligible orders placed via Bulk Upload when retailers make a redemption claim against a qualifying order. This provides our retailers with the leverage they need to make the biggest impact and provide great value to their customers all-year round.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions?

How does it work?
Our retailers' customers will receive promotional discounts that they create at the time of purchase through whichever platform or sales channel upon the promotional event is staged. Retailers should continue to send their orders to us via Bulk Upload with no change. Retailers will need to make individual claims for qualifying orders in order to receive claim reimbursements. Claims will be paid in the form of account credit and will be redeemed automatically and applied as an off-set to your next Bulk Upload invoice.

How is eligibility determined?
Orders will be deemed eligible (qualifying) where the purchase price is discounted by at least 5% as part of a promotion or one-time offer AND the order is sent over to us for processing via Bulk Upload. The maximum claim reimbursement is 30% though retailers are free to provide a larger discount to their customers if they choose to.

How do I make a claim?
Retailers can process their claims via the Order Update form within "My Account" selecting the "Promotional SRP Credit Claim" option. For a valid claim, retailers will need to provide the Order ID and will be required to provide evidence of the promotional discount that was applied.

What types of promotions can I use?
Retailers can use all of the various promotion tools at their disposal across all of the platforms upon which they sell. You are encouraged to use promotions as a way to increase both net sales and AOV (average order value).

For example; the following types of promotional tools could be considered as a viable way to increase sales. (Note: this list is not exhaustive and there are probably many alternative tools also available.)

  • Discount codes
  • Vouchers or deals
  • Bundles
  • One-time offers
  • Sales events

What is NOT considered to be valid promotional use?
Retailers should avoid permanently discounting their products whilst claiming promotional use. Any permanent or long-term reduction to your retail pricing will not be considered valid promotional use. Sale events where a period of at least 24hrs has past before the last sale event are considered as a valid promotion and will be eligible for promotional credit.

Does this affect Pilot Program discounts?
Yes. Retailers who are receiving SRP PROMOTIONAL CREDIT of up to 15% for participation in the eBay Promoted Listings Standard Pilot Program will be eligible to claim a maximum of 15% promotional credit.

Does this affect Multi-buy discounts?
Yes. Orders that receive multi-buy discounts of 10, 20 or 30% will not be eligible to claim additional promotional credit when a multi-buy discount has been applied. Only one promotion can be applied per order.

Are there any excluded products?
Yes. All products by George Home (Catalog) and Aromatic Home (Catalog) are excluded and are not eligible for promotions at this time.

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