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About us?
WinsterCreations™ and JCM® Graphics brands' are managed exclusively through The Official Merchant Programme meaning that access to these brands as a retailer is only made possible through this program. The Official Merchant Programme offers both individuals and businesses exclusive rights to sell our brands. We provide direct-to-consumer fulfilment of your customer orders and are able to offer you bespoke, established product ranges at competitive prices with 100% reliable supply, fast delivery and fantastic profit margins.

What is dropshipping and how does it work?
The concept of drop shipping is not new; in fact it is widely regarded as being one of the most popular ways to start a successful online business. Through becoming a retailer for our brands', you’ll have access to thousands of products without the hassle of storing any physical stock or having to ship a single order. Instead, when you sell a product, you simply purchase the product from our website (or upload your orders via Bulk Upload) at a wholesale price and have it shipped directly to your customer, 100% hassle free! As a result, you’ll never see or handle a single product. The difference between what you choose to sell our products for and the amount you pay at wholesale cost becomes your gross profit.

How to get started?
Create an account for free and get instant access to our wholesale price-list.

Is drop-shipping safe, am I protected?
Some of the biggest concerns you might have with drop-shipping is the lack of control. This often includes not being able to directly control the customer experience, such as the length of time it takes for your customers' orders to arrive or the overall quality of the products that you're selling. By becoming a retailer through our program, all of these concerns are immediately mitigated. We guarantee the quality of our products providing free-returns and a money-back-guarantee for every product in our catalog. We also enable our retailers the ability to offer a custom branded experience for their customers with branded packing slips, personalised messaging and your own logo printed on the outside of every package. We guarantee to ship 99.9% of your orders via Royal Mail, deliver more than 98.5% of domestic packages within just 2-3 business days, and even cover all of the costs associated with damaged or lost items.

Where should I sell your products?
We highly recommended that you retail our products on Online Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy & OnBuy. If you're a control-freak you can do this the old-fashion-way of listing products on these marketplaces individually by using the product data available in our wholesale price-list. Alternatively, you can step-into-the-twenty-first-century and discover there are more efficient ways to do things in modern times. For example; the most efficient solution available to you right now is to first launch your own store using the (Shopify + SyncLogic) platform/app integration. This enables you to effortlessly sync our entire product catalog using a one-time Connection Code. You can then add additional Shopify apps to expand and grow your business further.

We recommend the following catalog-connecting add-ons for your Shopify store;

These catalog-connecting add-ons enable you to connect your store with our catalog of products.

We also further recommend the following marketplace-expansion add-ons;

These marketplace-expansion add-ons enable you to connect your Online Marketplace accounts with your store providing a seamless way to create product listings on marketplaces, using existing product data held within your store.

TIP! All of our products are eligible to be sold directly on all major marketplaces including (but not limited to) eBay, Amazon, Etsy and OnBuy to name a few.

Can I choose which products to sell myself?
Absolutely! With our SyncLogic integration you can either choose to sync everything or we can curate (just for you) a custom selection of products instead. In both cases by connecting your existing store to our catalog via SyncLogic you'll benefit from automatic catalog updates within your own store. This means that any new products we add to our catalog, or any updates that we make will be automatically updated on your store too!

TIP! Both WinsterCreations™ and JCM®, Graphics brands' have separate catalog sources and will require separate Connection Codes. You can still incorporate products from both catalogs on the same store, at the same time, and both connections can still be either a full-sync or a curated selection of products only.

Can I sell your products without a Shopify store?
We've partnered with leading drop-shipping platforms Carro, Avasam, Spocket, Modalyst & Syncee. Through these platforms you can connect your marketplace accounts and e-commerce stores with products in our catalog and begin selling any of our products in just a few simple steps. In addition, these third-party platforms enable automatic order fulfilment which means that your customer orders are automatically sent to us for fulfilment -every time you receive an order! We will also update your order statuses automatically so that your customer is notified as soon as the order has been dispatched. And don't worry, everything is white-labelled with none of our branding visible to your customers, ever!

TIP! If you'd like to display custom branded packing slips and have your own logo printed on each of the packages that we send, you'll need to integrate with our catalog using Shopify & SyncLogic. This is an exclusive requirement.

I am not a UK resident; can I still sell your products?
Whilst we are currently welcoming all-sellers worldwide into our program, please note that currently our products can only be sold and shipped to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and Poland exclusively.

How much money can I expect to make selling your products?
If you choose to follow our MSRP (Marketplace Suggested Retail Price) when selling on marketplaces and SRP (Suggested Retail Price) when selling on e-commerce stores such as Shopify, then you should expect to make (on average) at least 25% net-profit from sales of individual-item-orders and up to 40% net-profit from multi-buy orders regardless of where you choose sell our products. Though remember, you are always free to control and determine your own selling prices at all times.

How can I compete if you're already selling your own products?
To put simply -we don't compete with our retailers. All of our own offers are priced at MSRP (Marketplace Suggested Retail Price) on all marketplaces and at SRP (Suggested Retail Price) on all of our own e-commerce stores. At these prices we've already calculated all of the selling fees that you're likely to incur at every major online marketplace and e-commerce platform. We're intentionally at a price point at which you can not only compete, but beat our own prices and still remain profitable. When we price, we consider the profitably of our retailers' with a high priority. Our program simply would not work if our retailers' were unable to compete and profit against our own offers.

Do you offer a design service so that I can create my own products?
Absolutely! If you wish to create a custom product you must first pay the unit cost (see our wholesale-price-list) for the custom product you wish to create. You must pay a 'one-off-cost' for us to enable your custom product -this is our setup cost of enabling your custom product. We can create and provide a product image for your custom product (or you can make this yourself). Your custom product will not be submitted into our general catalog and the product will be an exclusive product for your store only* -see terms below.

*NOTE: You will not own the copyrights to custom products that are enabled for your store, regardless of whether you designed the original artwork or not. Custom products can only be guaranteed to remain as an exclusive providing that the original artwork was not already present in our general catalog (i.e. forms part of an existing product or variant) at the time of launch. By enabling your custom product you shall waiver your ownership rights to the original artwork, granting exclusive permission to us to use your artwork without any commercial limitation. You cannot offer the product (or artwork) for sale outside of our program. We reserve the right to add any prior exclusives or custom products that we have enabled into our general catalog if you either decide to stop selling the product in your own store, leave our program or choose to close your store. If you later return to our program (some do) any prior exclusives or custom products will remain in our general catalog and will be available to all other retailers.

What does it cost?
Creating an account with us absolutely free and you only pay us to send the items you sell to your customers. Most importantly, payment is only required after you've made the sale. Though our program is free you should expect to incur some selling costs, such as subscriptions or listing and transaction fees.

For example; a basic Shopify subscription will cost $29 per month (14-day free-trial). To add a SyncLogic integration this will cost a further $19.99 per month (30-day free-trial). If you choose to sell on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy then you should also factor-in the cost of selling on these marketplaces too. Each marketplace will charge their own rate of fees (these are typically between 10-15% of the sale price) for every product you sell. Some marketplaces such as Amazon have an on-going monthly fee for access to the marketplace itself, so remember to take this into consideration also. Though this might seem expensive we have factored these costs into our MSRP & SRP pricing guidelines, which you can choose to follow if you're new to online selling. Every seller has to recognise these costs regardless of their size or starting knowledge. You're at no disadvantage whatsoever and you'll have more than 15 years of experience at your disposal to help you get a head-start.

Though this might seem daunting, we can guarantee you that it's 100% risk free from our side with no on-going costs or commitments to us, no special terms and no contracts imposed. You're free to choose where you sell, what you sell and the prices you charge to your customers are controlled by you, so you can rest assured knowing that you'll always retain full control of your business at all times.

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