Social Media & Marketing Content - What's allowed and what's not?

Terms of Use (for retailers)

We strictly prohibit use of all "User Generated" content/product images for all marketing purposes across all social media and e-commerce platforms, including email marketing or any other form of marketing with exception to that used solely for product images on product pages.

Some pre-approved content is allowed for social media and email marketing purposes (subject to accreditation and terms of use).

Pre-approved Social Media Content

  • Product images which have been pre-approved and cleared for re-use by our content creators for marketing purposes.

Retailers are permitted to use pre-approved social media content for social media marketing purposes including social media posts (such as Instagram Posts, Stories & Reels) providing they give credit to both the original creator of the content and @jasoncarlmorgan.

Photo credit must be given on the first line and in the following format only.

Photo credit: @creator @jasoncarlmorgan

For an example of proper accreditation please review recent posts by @jasoncarlmorgan on Instagram.

Website, Email & Marketplace Usage

Retailers may also feature pre-approved social media content on their websites (incl. email marketing) and marketplaces stores providing they give credit to the original creator only.

Photo credit is NOT required when pre-approved social media content is used on product pages but must be present under all other circumstances.

IMPORTANT! Pre-approved content must be posted within 30 days of it's original submission date. Retailers are not permitted to download and store pre-approved content for later use.

TIP! We permit the use of all product images without accreditation on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy and Amazon providing they are used soley as product images on product pages and not for any other marketing purposes within your control.

Stock Product Images (allowed everywhere)

  • Product images which contain no imperfections, a pure-white background and have dimensions identical to other similar products of the same type or collection.

Mockup Product Images (allowed everywhere)

  • Product images which have no imperfections and feature a consistently re-used background, which may also include the use of props, additional products or models, and which are commonly re-used across other similar products of the same type or collection.

User Generated Product Images (not allowed on Social Media or Email Marketing)

  • Product images which are totally unique from one another, have imperfect lighting, positioning or quality, and backgrounds not found on other similar products of the same type or collection.

Always check before posting if you're not sure!

If you are unsure as to whether your intended use of our content is permitted for use on social media, email marketing (or any other purpose) please contact us via our Retailer Portal before posting any such content. This will ensure that your marketing is not being reported to social media platforms for copyright infringement. Please respect the copyrights of our brands at all times and follow these guidelines to avoid any potential violation or suspension (for repeated offences) of your social media account.

Retailers who are no longer actively selling our products through our program must cease use of all social media content and remove all previously used social media content from their social media platforms, websites and marketplace listings with immediate effect. Failure to do so may result in your social media accounts being suspended due to copyright and/or trademark infringement.

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