Multibuy Discount will now apply to Order-item Quantity & New improved discount tiers announced

From Monday 23rd May 2022, Multibuy Discount will now apply to Order-item Quantity (previously unit quantity) and discount tiers will be increased to 10, 20 & 30% for 2, 3 & 4 order-items respectively.

Our new Multibuy Discount tiers will apply as follows:

  • Customer buys 2 Items: 10% SRP Discount
  • Customer buys 3 Items: 20% SRP Discount
  • Customer buys 4 Items: 30% SRP Discount

Qualifying items will be considered as eligible for multibuy discount when two or more items are purchased within the same order. The maximum multibuy discount is 30% and will be deducted from the SRP for Bulk Upload orders only.

Multibuy discount is provided in addition to your existing 40% SRP Retailer Discounts for Bulk Upload invoicing. Multibuy discounts are not provided for DTW (direct-through-website) orders.

How to calculate your Unit Cost for Multibuy purchases

Please refer to the Official Price List for SRP pricing and Shipping Rates.

  • SRP minus MULTIBUY DISCOUNT minus 40% + Ship Fee

We encourage you to use these new multibuy discount tiers to price your items more competitively and to encourage more multibuy orders, leading to higher average order values and significant increases in overall per-order profitability.

Orders that receive multi-buy discounts of 10, 20 or 30% will not be eligible to claim additional promotional credit when a multi-buy discount has been applied. Only one promotion can be applied (or claimed) per order.

Retailers who are receiving SRP PROMOTIONAL CREDIT of up to 15% for participation in the eBay Promoted Listings Standard Pilot Program will be eligible to receive a maximum of 15% multibuy discount for qualifying eBay orders. If you already sell on eBay but have not yet enrolled onto our Promoted Listings Pilot Program please get in touch via the Retailer Portal to start benefiting from a 15% SRP Discount on your eBay Sales.

Multibuy discounts are not provided for:

  • FBAE Shipments
  • George Home (Catalog)
  • Aromatic Home (Catalog)

We trust that today's announcement is further evidence of our long-term commitment to our retailers. We will continue to provide innovative ways to help you navigate these very challenging market conditions.

If you require any assistance in setting up these promotions in your stores or marketplace accounts, please get in touch via the Retailer Portal.

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