eBay FVF (Final Value Fee) reduced to 10p for all business sellers on sales £10 or less

As of 19th April 2022 all new listings created in the Home, Furniture & DIY categories on eBay.co.uk are now eligible for a reduced rate of £0.10p (normally £0.30p) "per-order" fee (sometimes referred to as the Final Value Fee) on all orders where the total sales value (including postage, taxes .etc) is less than £10. This new announcement extends on an earlier policy change back in February which reduced the fee to £0.10p for items sold in the Art categories.

To benefit from this permanent change you must have a business selling account (private accounts are not eligible), and create new listings from 19th April 2022 within the Home, Furniture & DIY categories. This change should be of particular importance to you as a retailer because the majority of our product ranges do indeed fall under the Home, Furniture & DIY categories.

TIP! Your existing listings will not automatically qualify for the new discounted rate if they are currently set to "Good til' cancelled". Instead, you must use the "sell similar" option (re-listed items do not count) and create a new copy of your existing listings for them to receive this new reduced fee benefit.

TIP! Eligible listings will continue to be charged the standard £0.30p per-order fee at the time of sale and you will see this in your fee reports. However, your eBay balance will then be later credited (once per month) for £0.20+vat for each eligible order that qualifies for the reduced fee discount.

If you haven't already we highly recommend that you review your existing eBay Listings which fall under the Home, Furniture & DIY categories (and also the Art categories), and which were originally started before 19th April (or 1st Feb for Arts) and create new copies of these listings to start benefiting from these lower fees. Just remember to use "sell similar" and do not simply end and re-list your items, since these will not qualify.

TIP! When creating new listings via "sell similar" you will lose any existing sales history that you have on your existing listings. Please consider the value that this has on your sales volume before ending these listings. You may want to use the sell similar option to create new listings whilst also at the same time maintaining your existing listings in place. If you do this, make sure to change your listing titles and descriptions to avoid falling foul of eBay's duplicate listing policy.

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