Delays expected at Royal Mail due to upcoming Jubilee Bank Holidays

We are expecting delays in mail processing at Royal Mail sorting centres with expected delivery dates extended for several days following the upcoming bank holidays on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd June 2022.

Normal services are to resume on Monday 5th June however a backlog is likely.

There are no mail collections or deliveries on bank holidays with mail neither being processed nor sorted on these days. It is therefore normal to expect delays following any bank holiday due to Royal Mail's first-in-last-out methodology for processing backlogged mail.

What this typically means in real terms is that any unsorted (yet-to-be delivered) mail currently waiting in mail centres from tomorrow will be backlogged until normal services resume (i.e. backlog has been cleared). Therefore, we are advising our retailers to expect delays next week with an increase in customer claims of non-receipt being expected during this time.

We will continue to process claims of non-receipt in accordance with our guidance here →

Please ensure to follow this guidance at all times to avoid any possible escalation. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this announcement please contact us via the Retailer Portal.

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